Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ratz & LRT Tale

This morning as I was going to lock my dog in so that she don't run out as the car reverses out of the driveway...I saw this!

I nearly had a heart gruesome...I quickly took my camera out to take a pic of this but I guess my hand was shaky due to shock...

--------------------------------------LRT Tale-----------------------------------------------

I got up the LRT and I sat in between 2 guys...1 Malay and 1 Chinese...both in their 40s I guessed...then poor bunny sat in between them and kena squished as they were 2 broad shouldered males.

I don't understand why the Chinese guy chose to sit in the middle seats when there was a corner seat available next to him! I took my paper out to read and he was reading and then he and I were scuffling for right of space to read. Suddenly, he said "Please watch your line!" while pointing out the metal pole in between our seats. I admit I was reading a bit over his line but he still had space on his left side and he could have moved his paper a bit over to his left but no....he had to utter that remark to me and fight space with me. I was feeling so pissed off already as I was being squished by a sleeping fat Malay guy next to me. I should have stood up and pointed out to him that so what I crossed over abit of my newspaper to his seat...that petty Chinese guy's shoulder was 1 to 2 inches into my seat! But I didn't as the LRT was already squished packed at that time....stupid rude old Chinese guy...and I noted that there was no wedding ring on his fingers...meaning he's not married....since he's such a petty guy! Not even a gentleman...u wanna define your space??? Drive to work then! You low tolerance petty male!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fried Prawn Noodles

I had fried prawn noodles at Pavilion KL's Food Republic food court last night. This particular stall originated from Singapore and there's always a long queue there. They fried lai fun (a type of chewy noodles that is normally used in asam laksas) with some broth, beansprouts, egg, chillies, garlic, onion and then add 2 to 3 big prawns and serve over a special dried leaf (forgot to ask what leaf it is) bowl.

It was tasty but I did feel thirsty after eating it though. I don't know if it was due to any MSG content in it or was it because I didn't drink enough water yesterday. I really enjoyed this dish and will order it again next time I am there.

1. So yummy!

2. I will most certainly order this again

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner at Sister's House

I love having dinner at my sister's house. It's either their fantastic Indonesian maid cooking or my Brother In Law (BIL) cooking. My BIL is a talented cook. Last night, he cooked up one of his many feasts - Prawn Fettucini with a creamy base and roast beef. My sister does killer desserts and fantastic salads too but we had a bought dessert last night - Mille Crepes Cake from Nadeje Patisserie, Malacca.

Here are some pictures of the yummy food we had last night. Yums.

Prawn Fettucini With Creamy Sauce

A closer look. See the many many prawns...

Lovely Fresh Prawns


The highlight of dinner - Herb Encrusted Roast Beef...slightly medium rare although the well done was still tender and juicy

Dessert all the way from Malacca. Mille Crepe cake bought from Nadeje Pattiesserie which is owned by a Japanese Lady. Must book before buying a whole cake.

Delicious when served cold. The crepes layers were sandwiched with fresh cream. Not too sweet but each mouthful was pure indulgence of richness. They have other flavors. This is original Vanilla flavour. They are also available in Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Green Tea and others.


Bunny Casualties

Hrmmm....I seem to be getting hurt easily nowadays ever since I indulged in my outings for photography.

1. Nosebleed - A result of too many hot days and my body was really heaty. Who ever who brings bunny out on hot days must ensure bunny gets enough cooling liquids to consume.

2. Got scratched by a bouganvilla flower last Sunday. I only felt sore last Wednesday. I think it was my own body healing and the split skin was beginning to stick together again. Damn itchy and I am tempted to peel off the drying scab but I must resist to avoid scars!

3. Got bitten by huge mosquitoes in Bukit Gasing...I think this is not the normal mozzies...damn itchy...and painful though...

4. So itchy till I scratched it till bleeding. I hope this is poisonous blood...carrying the itchy poison away.

5. Got something bite me near my toe...damn itchy...

Sigh....I think different mozzies work on different strains of patch didn't work although it worked at Cinta Alam. My roll on repellent didn't work in Cinta Alam. Anyone have any sure win formula to apply and avoid these blood thirsty mosquitoes???

Saturday, April 19, 2008

*WaAaAaiiiiLLLLsSsSs*....Bunny's usual Bkt Gasing Trail NO MOREEEEE...!!!

Today Lulu Bunny went for photo shoot without remembering to put back in the camera battery that I took out to charge last night. Luckily, Francis uses the same battery type and had a spare. Next disappointment was our usual trail collapsed in a landslide and although the trail was walkable, we weren't up to it to go trekking. We then used another trail but although plenty of bugs around, there were also plenty of mosquitoes around and they were very vicious. The moment we stop, they come swarming in on our uncovered parts of our bodies.

1. The trail is gone...trees uprooted and landslides...there is still a partial trail though but bunny and friends no dare to walk thru it with our precious cameras

2. Where a bridge and a little steam used to be...

3. The little stream - gone!

4. Francis spotted these in XXX action...

5. A cricket missing a leg...

6. A fly

7. A striking looking spider

8. A hairy caterpillar but bunny no want to mor this one...

9. UFO insect...doens't look like a grasshopper or cricket...

10. The body - not too clearly focused bec attacked by mozzies...

11. An orange moth...

12. Another cricket

13. A blue dragonfly

14. A big fat clammy toad

15. A squished mosquitoe on my leg...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nature Shots at Cinta Alam (Love Nature) Camp

As promised, here are some insect shots that I took from the camping grounds.

A Fat Caterpillar

Its head looks like Alien Predator

A shy fly hiding underneath a leaf

A snail outside my chalet

A bee on a loofah gourd flower

A bee looking for honey

Another bee just landed on a yellow flower

The bee going inside to find honey

A red bug

A close up view

A black bug

A house fly

I don't know what this is but it has lost a feeler.

A Grasshopper

Ewwww...a flying cockroach!

Street Photography at Ipoh

Ipoh Old Town Area is really nice and here are the other pictures I took on that day...

Upside down chairs?? They really are upside down. I didn't rotate the picture.

Nowadays, these shops are no longer available in my own state as modern furniture has taken over the furniture scene in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Back in the old days, furniture made from natural resources were very popular. These rattan and bamboo are very pliable and can be bent, weaved into many pretty furniture and home decoration items such as baskets, bowls, boxes and others. These furniture are very cooling to sit on as there are no heat trapping items such as non porous leathers, PVC, Cotton, Sponge, etc.

Waaahhh...there was a live ammunition shop there! Luckily my fellow photographers didn't see this signboard....(Wakil = Representative; Penjual = Seller; Peluru = Bullet; Kerambit = Brand Name; Sdn Bhd = Company Type...I am not sure how to translate this)

An Old Bicycle - Still in good condition

I took this photo thru a wooden door.

The tiling in the same building as the above wooden door...

Now for some vibrant colors. Colorful sarees hung up in the ceiling to entice customers into buying.

Well stocked paints shelves in a hardware shop

I hope you have enjoyed this series. I can't wait for my next trip to shoot more pictures...