Friday, August 13, 2010

Bunny goes Raub Outing - Sempalit Peanut Factory

We got so lost getting to the peanut processing factory. kakakakkaka...the original one that I wanted to go to was not fact, one must call them and go in the bus loads in order to get them to open.

This is where we bought the delicious peanuts. They come in 3 varieties - Salty, Original and Tiger. RM28 for 10pkts and free another 2 packets

(Photo by Henry Au)

Hence we ended up at another peanut processing factory but I forgot the name. The lady explained in Mandarin that the Shan Dong peanuts are imported from China as Malaysia doesn't grow that many peanuts anymore. Shan Dong peanuts are the huge variety which I like.

The sacks of peanuts are soaked in the marinades to flavour the peanuts overnight.

The peanuts are sun dried for 2 to 3 days under hot sun and then brought to the roaster to be roasted.

At a go, the roaster can roast 20 buckets of peanuts at a time.

After roasting, the peanuts are left to cool before selection.

They sell 2 versions...with shell as above and flavored as below with salt or honey chillies. You will need sharp eyes and nimbles fingers for this job.

After selection, the peanuts are packaged using the machine. Each packet will weight approx 120 grams. They have special machines for this packaging which would automatically weigh n seal each packet.

It was a really fun and educational visit to this factory. If you are interested in going, please do drop me a comment and I can help connect you with the right people.