Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reunion Meal with Hunny

This year marks the 1st time in 5 years you are not with me. I went shopping for your fruits the day before CNY eve. On CNY Eve, I prepared a simple yummy white chicken rice for our reunion meal.

It was windy and cloudy when I reached the columbarium and it drizzled slightly when I was setting up the altar table and I told you not to let it drizzle further as I really wanted to have a reunion meal with you. Luckily the GODS were kind and didn't drizzle further and Hunny and I enjoyed our reunion meal together. I also bought some vegetarian dishes and Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun for you to enjoy too. I apologize for not getting you any of your favorite mandarin oranges but I will try and get you some before CNY ends.

I miss you dearly and it didn't surprise me any further when I found out your own family didn't come visit you since the 100th day prayer was concluded. Let's hope they visit you before Ching Ming festival starts.

Finding The Right Flowers For Hunny

My in laws commented that they didn't like my choice of flowers for my hunny and said to look for Lotus flowers instead. They are his family too but why can't they also make the effort to find the mini lotus flowers instead of asking me 100% to source for the flowers? It's not like I can drive and go hunt...

Anyway,  I am really happy that I managed to find the lotus flowers at RM10 for 6 lotus blossoms and a pod during one of my excursions at the wet market.

The vase at his columbarium is really small and I only managed to fit in 3 blossoms and the pod...I reckon they look nice...

A closer view

They are such a lovely pink. Bunny still misses you, Hunny.