Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bunny eats takeaway durians @ ss2 Durians Stall

I had a craving for durians over the weekend and told my Hunny that I wanted some. I wanted to opt for just the cheap normal durians from the kampung (villages) but my Hunny wanted to introduce me to gourmet durians instead. So we had a light dinner at Restoran Busy Corner and went off in search of gourmet durians in ss2, Petaling Jaya. There were a few stalls there offering both gourmet and kampung durians. The kampung durians were sold via buffet RM9.90 eat-all-u-can promotion.

This is one of the oldest and famous durian stalls in ss2. They even have a website!

This is their ala-carte menu. Hunny wanted to order the most expensive durian on the list which is the Raja Kunyit (Mao San Wong in Cantonese) at RM22/kg for me whereby the durian flesh is really rich and creamy and sweet. Hunny wanted a bittersweet variety for himself and was recommended the San Chuk Variety at RM13/kg.

This is my Raja Kunyit durian which the stall helper picked out for me. Do not be deceived by the small size of this beauty. It weighs at 1.4kg and was priced at RM35!!! Pretty steep for a durian but Hunny said it's normal. This durian sells out fast irregardless of its hefty price tag. There were only about 4 to 5 Raja Kunyit durians left when we were there at 7.30pm.

Fu-Yoh!!! The stall helper split the durian a little and look at its flesh!!! Such a rich golden color and chockful of flesh encased within!!!

This is the stall helper opening my Hunny's San Chuk durian. Its flesh is pale white and it will taste initially bitter and ends on a creamy sweet note. RM15 for Hunny's durian.

Now, it's my durian's turn! So much flesh encased in the durian husks. The stall helper guaranteed that each seed will be shrunken indicating it as a premium durian. A premium durian will have really sharp thorns, thin skin husks with plenty of flesh encased inside and shrunken seeds. If you don't know what is shrunken seeds, do scroll down to see what I mean.

The stall helper still extracting the yummylicious durian into the plastic container....

The last bits of the Raja Kunyit durian being put in the plastic container....

That's it! Sealing my RM35 container of durian.

Here are what I mean by shrunken seeds. Each seed instead of being round and flat and shrunken denoting more flesh than seed. The common varieties are usually lesser flesh and big round seeds. I had 5 pieces and Hunny had 1 piece of my Raja Kunyit Durian. Altogether, there were about 18 pieces in that small Raja Kunyit durian.
Here are the details on how to get to the durian stall. Do pay them a visit. You will get quality durians at reasonable prices there. We were told by the stall helper that durians in July will be even better as we had a long drought in month of May. This will make the durians drier and more concentrated in flavour.

P/S : Hunny and I will be returning for more durians next weekend....yummy and addictive but Hunny requested me to go for a cheaper durian variety this round. Hence, I would like to try the Udang Merah variety then.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bunny Eats @ Busy Corner Claypot Restaurant, D'sara Jaya

Last Nite, Hunny and I went to Restoran Busy Corner for our dinner because I felt like drinking soup as it rained in the evening. This restaurant is famous for their claypot rice and is very packed during its peak hours of 7pm till 8pm. Hunny and I reached there at 6.30pm. Parking was a breeze. The restaurant is located near KDU college and is at the shoplots behind the Petronas Station. We ordered claypot rice for 1 pax and a bowl of double boiled soup for each of us.

This is their menu. We ordered claypot Prawn Hoisin Rice for 1 pax and 2 soups.

This is Hunny's hearty soup of peanuts with dried cuttlefish and chicken feet. Hunny enjoyed the soup very much as he sucked and nibbled the skin and cartillege off the chicken feet. RM4.50 for this bowl.

This is my soup. Old cucumber soup is for cooling down the body. It was delicious as it wasn't oily at all. RM4.50 for this bowl.

Our Prawn Hoisin Sauce claypot came. Luckily, we ordered for 1 person as it was rather huge and if we ordered for 2, we may not have had room for our special dessert later on.

The prawns were really nice...freshly crunchy and juicy. I found the hoisin sauce a bit too sweet for my liking. Next time, we should order the tomyam prawns claypot instead. RM13 for this claypot due to the many prawns they gave us.

Our bill came up to RM22.50 as Hunny also had a glass of iced chinese tea.

Bunny Eats Pork Noodles @ ss15, Subang

Hunny was craving for ss15's Pork Noodles and off we went there after my workday was over. It was still crowded when we got there although it was like 2pm++. I ordered 2 bowls bihun and hor fun (Vermicilli and Flat Rice Noodles) mixture. As there was a minimum 25 minutes waiting time, I asked the roasted meat stall next to the busy pork noodles stall to chop me a plate of roast pork belly for 2.

The plate of roast pork belly was not fantastic as the meat was rough and slightly overcooked. The saving grace was the crispy crunchy skin. This plate cost RM10.

After waiting around 20 minutes, our noodles came. The soup has improved from our last visit. Our last visit, the soup had so much MSG and was yucky. This round, we could taste the sweetness of many hours of the soup being boiled. No MSG this round. The intestines tasted clean this round too...but I was disappointed as they only gave me 2 tiny pieces of liver whilst Hunny had bigger fair!!!

The 2 bowls of noodles cost RM9.60 which I find it rather weird as that would mean each bowl costs RM4.65. I am not too sure if that is the price or the stall helper jacked up the price to make some profit of her own...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bunny's Encounter With Godiva

Bunny's colleague gave out a piece of precious Godiva chocolates as Bunny has never eaten Godiva before. Bunny's experience of luxury chocolates stops only at Royce Japanese Nama Chocolates...

This chocolate has 85% Cocoa and belongs to the dark chocolate range. Luxurious feel when seeing this chocolate...

The back of the chocolate

After unwrapping, the scent of pure chocolates hits my nostrils as I take a bite out of it. The clear snap and the chocolate slowly melts in my mouth creating a rich smooth velvety chocolate taste and no cloying aftertaste left behind.

It was nice but I would like to try the milk chocolate ones from this brand. Anyone wanna sponsor me a piece or two???

Bunny eats Satay Celup @ Malacca

Bunny went on a market visit in early June to Malacca and Johor. This is one of the restaurants that I really wanna try but each time I come here...there are always loads of people lining up to eat at this Restaurant Capitol.

Even on a Monday evening, there are people lining up although it's not as bad as weekends. We started lining up at 6.45pm and we managed to secure a table by 7.30pm. There is no sharing of tables allowed here as it's only 1 pot per table.

Satay Celup is based on steamboat style but instead of soup or porridge, we get the lovely fragrant thick gooey peanutty sauce to dip our meat, vegetables, seafood, fishballs, etc in.

This is our assortment of goodies.
The sauce in the pot has to be mixed with more ground peanuts in order to be more gooey and hearty.
The Kangkung vegetable dipped in the satay sauce was very heavenly! So so so delicious!! Then we had our favourite liver skewers, followed by my favourite prawns and each table will get some razor clams (i think it is razor clams) and tiger prawns skewers. Each stick cost RM0.70. Our bill plus drinks cost RM54.00 for the 3 of us. Yummy!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bunny eats @ Section 17, PJ

Hunny brought Bunny here to eat on the early stages of dating. It's the row of shops opposite Diethlem and Jaya One. This restaurant is a chinese restaurant with loads of diners. Sorry but I don't have the name...just know how to get there.

We normally have their "harm yue fah lam bo" (salted fish pork belly slices claypot) followed by 1 greens and tonight we decided to order "seong thong lala" (clams steamed in superior stock). It was a wise decision. Everything was absolutely fresh!!!

The yummy big and fresh...sorry abt the half eaten serving platter...dug in before taking pics...very fresh and yummy...RM10 only.

The fresh HK Kailan was nice and crisp...RM8

The pork belly claypot (RM10) that night was average as there wasn't enough salted fish in it. Usually it has more salted fish taste to make it very nice to go with white bill was RM32 plus 3 rice and 2 chinese teas. This place is one of our regular dining places.

Bunny Eats @ Otak-Otak Place, 1 U New Wing

Just a 2 shops away from my favourite teochew restaurant in 1U is a cafe called Otak-Otak Place. The cafe's concept is based on my childhood toys and sweets (abt 20+ years ago) and you can even purchase these items from the cafe too.
As the name of the restaurant is Otak-Otak, you can expect to find most of its mains and snacks with otak-otak in it. Otak-otak according to wikipedia...
"Otak-otak (Chinese: 鲤鱼包) is a fish cake found throughout Indonesia. The southern Malaysian town of Muar is a popular destination for it—people from surrounding states often visit to buy the famous otak-otak in bulk. It is also known as otah-otah, otah or otak in Singapore. Otak means brains in Malay and Indonesian, and the name of the dish is derived from the idea that the dish somewhat resembles brains, being on the soft and squishy side.[citation needed]
It can be eaten as a snack or with
bread or rice as part of a meal.
Otak-otak is made by mixing fish paste (usually mackerel) with a mixture of spices including chillies, garlic, shallots, turmeric, lemon grass and coconut milk. The mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf that has been softened by steaming, then grilled or steamed.
While fish otak-otak is most common, otak-otak is also made with prawns, often resulting in a more textured variety. In
Muar, you will also be able to find otak-otak made from cuttlefish, fish head and even chicken."
Otak-otak here is made from fish. Although i prefer the otak-otak that comes with chunks of fish flesh instead of minced fish paste, the ones here are tasty and nice. They have menus that look like an exercise book, happy family play cards that denotes the table number that you are sitting on and other stuff to gel in with the whole store's concept.
Hunny and I ordered the set breakfast at RM5.90 if I m not mistaken which comes with a cup of coffee or tea. Hunny ordered the nasi lemak of which he commented that the rice was just nice and the sambal was not bad.

Next, our order of the Otak-Otak Deep Fried Dumplings (RM5.00 for 5 pieces) came. It took some getting used to as we do not normally consume otak-otak this way.

It was delicious and the sambal was really nice! Spicy! Sour! Fragrant! Just not salty enough.

I ordered a toast and kaya and soft boiled eggs set and that took a really long time to arrive. My toast came first and I was too hungry and ate 1 first. The toast was just right...crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Our drinks came. It's so old school. They served it with a flakey cream cracker. My tea with milk was nice. Not too sweet with milky aftertaste. Just right for me...yummy! But my best milk tea experience was from Canton-i.
After waiting close to 25 minutes, then only my soft boiled eggs made an appearence. My actual preference is medium boiled eggs...a more firm texture with a runny yolk...

The bill came to less than RM20 for the above. Not bad. Worth a revisit again which we did the following weekend. Hunny had the same nasi lemak set as he is a creature of habit whilst I had the Otak-Otak Burger (RM8.90) and a cup of hot milk tea. We also ordered a deep fried otak-otak springroll but it was not to our liking.
The otak-otak burger that kept me full from lunch till breakfast the next morning. It took some getting used to but I really enjoyed the bun...tasted really nice.

Do go and try it out. It's located at 1U new wing LG floor.

Lunch Boxes Part 1

Ever since working in my new company 2 months ago, my lunches are some what restricted as you'll have to drive out for good food. As I don't drive and I don't always follow my colleagues out to eat, I wake up earlier in the mornings to prepare my healthy lunch boxes. Therefore, I do eat somewhat healthier and wholesome foods.
My 1st Lunch Box - Strawberries as dessert/snack...too sour...i no likey >.<

Healthy goodness of steamed yam cake, steamed sweet potatos and okra, and garlic oyster sauce sauteed button mushrooms...

Next up, was an experiment using tomyam green tea instant noodles which was too spicy for my tastebuds...paired with my favourite steamed pumpkin and some blanched greens seasoned with soy sauce...

Then, this is stir fried udon noodles with those korean mushrooms, garlic complemented with blanched greens....

I did many other combos but I always forget to take pics of them. It's nice not spending any money for lunch but the money goes towards my weekend replenishment of stuff to make my lunchboxes for the whole working week.