Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last Night's Dinner

I apologize to my readers over the long absence of blogging. I haven't been eating anything new and interesting lately. Anyway, I have updated on some of my eats during December 08.

This is something I steamed last night for dinner. A low fat healthy meal of tofu, cod fish and choy sum (a type of leafy green vege. Does anyone know the english name for it?)

Really Healthy but I think next time half portion of tofu will be good enough.

Hi-Tea at Le Meridien Hotel

Last Dec, Winnie and the girls decided (including myself) decided to meet up for Hi-Tea at Le-Meridien as Winnie was holding the Starwood Privileged Card. It turns out that the Hi-Tea isn't covered by the Starwood Card. We met up at the Conservatory of Le-Meridien and we were given 2 choices ... "This" and "That" that offered dainty bite-sized pieces of various selections.

1. I chose "That" Set.

2. This is how my set looked like...

3. The Top Tier of Savouries

4. The bottom tier of Sweets

5. The Green Tea Soba ... ok tasting

6. The strange tasting salty jelly

7. The sauce reminded me of otak otak

8. The Beef cheeks were very tender

9. Clotted Cream, Jams and Butter for the scones. No pictures of the scones as my pictures didn't turn out nice

10. Red Bean and Green Tea Combination was really weird...I didn't like it...

11. Bakhlava

12. This was like a swiss roll with a jammy center and rolled in cereal flakes

13. Chocolate Tart with Jam topping and creamy base

14. Cheesecake

Overall, I didn't enjoy eating here as I prefer a buffet and if I have to eat something like this, I will prefer Carcosa's English Hi-Tea Set as it's much tastier, not so complex and the environment befits the occassion. Luckily the gang of gals made up for the disappointing food. We had a blast talking about girly stuff.

Nanxiang Steamed Dumplings

We ate here sometime last year.

Hunny and I ate at this pricey establishment in The Curve as they taste much better than the dragon-i Restaurant upstairs.

This is what we had...

1. Pickled cucumbers with garlic and chillies

2. Seafood fried La-Mian

3. Herbal Chicken Soup Noodles. The noodles came in a separate bowl and the chicken soup came in a mini pot and tasted nice and herbally. The noodles were salted and when the soup poured over it and it was just nice.

4. Steamed soupy dumpling. I remember the skin was a bit too thick.

5. Dessert - Longan with snow fungus

The bill came up to about RM70 for the 2 of us.

Dim Sum in Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33

One Sunday, Hunny wanted to go Digital we decided to have Dimsum at Oriental Pavilion at Jaya 33. The service there were attentive and good but Hunny and I prefer the dimsum at Happy Garden which I blogged about in here...

1. Chicken Feet...We felt that there was something missing...and it was the salted black beans taste..there weren't any in it...

2. Har Gou (prawn dumpling)...the skin was thin and the prawns were crunchy but no prawn's as if it's been frozen and lost its prawny taste

3. Forgot what dumpling this was but it tasted good

4. I didn't like the egg was dainty but its pastry wasn't flaky enough and the custard was clumpy and liquid-like...I prefer Tong Kee egg tarts!!!

5. Mushroom Siu Mai (there were bits of mushroom encased with the minced pork filling)

6. Char Siu Bao ...didn't like it as the bun sticks to the roof of the mouth and the filling inside was pathetic

7. Fishballs...ok only

There were also a plate of roast pork belly but the pictures didn't turn out nice. One word of advice is to let the roast pork rest so that it cools down and form its crunchy skin and melty fatty layer. I didn't wait and ate it n found it so-so only but then after a while i ate the next piece, it was heavenly but my grouse was that it was not salted enough.

This breakfast was pricey too...we paid RM60 for this! We won't be returning so soon for dimsum at this place.

Overall, I prefer the dimsum at Happy Garden. Tasty and good for value.

p/s : Hunny took the photos using my camera...

Fried Wantons, Anyone??

This must be the highlight food of my last trip to Ipoh during XMAS long weekend last year...

We ate at Hoong Tho Restaurant and it's one of the old school long lasting restaurants in Ipoh located near the original Kopitiam shop.

1. The delicious pork filled deep fried wantons...its skin was light and crunchy and yet not oily...

2. The other plate filled with fish paste was my favourite too...

3. See the fish paste...fresh and springy enclosed in a light crunchy skin....the mixtures of feelings makes it so heavenly...

4. We also had their CNY specialty which was the claypot waxed meats rice...not bad but I would prefer it wetter with a bit more sauce.

Don't go for the soup dumplings as the dumplings are deep fried first and then served in soup... I didn't like the soggy dumplings.

Do go try it out! Yummy dumplings!!!