Monday, February 1, 2010

Bunny Eats In Malacca

We were walking down the streets surrounding Jonker Street and we were getting hotter and hotter. Hence, Hunny suggested we go drink cool desserts at a dessert shop near the beaded shoes shop. So here we are enjoying cool desserts.

Uncle Keong's Fresh Fruit & Bird's Nest Dessert Shop

I had that RM6 cold dessert of Lily Bulb, Red Dates, Lotus Seed with White Fungus Sweet Soup Dessert. So refreshing and cooling n not too sweet.

We had lunch at Donald & Lily. I was so surprised we managed to find seats so quickly.

My cendol...disappointed that it was lacking the gula melaka...see...still so white after stirring...

We ordered rice to go with these dishes.

Ayam Pong Teh...the sauce was delicious but was so disappointed when eating the chicken as the sauce wasn't infused into the chicken and the chicken was rather tough...same with the potatos...maybe smaller pieces would have absorbed a little of the flavorsome seemed as though the chicken, dried mushroom n potatoes were cooked separately...*disappointed*

The Asam Fish was delicious with just enough sourness well balanced with sweetness and a tinge of spiciness. But best eaten hot...

A side order of rojak...Hunny didn't enjoy it but maybe it's the Malaccan style of rojak sauce.

After a disappointing lunch at Donald and Lily's, we adjourned to Nadefe Cafe at Melaka Raya for some comforting cake. Hunny had the cake and coffee special whilst i shared that slice with an order of Iced Tropical Tea. The Original Mille Crepe was RM8.50 and the long black that came with it was only RM3.00. My Iced Tea cost me RM5.90.

We bought a whole Strawberry Mille Crepe cake back to KL. It was delicious. I had a slice just now, the sourness of the Strawberry jam offset the sweetness and richness of the cake.

Bunny's Window Shopping @ Jonker's Street

Sigh...being jobless means cash is tight means Bunny cannot indulge in my favourite past time. I wonder why my Hunny no volunteer to buy me those nice shoes...*weeps* longingly...

So nice...!!! Nyonya Beaded Slippers

I tried some on...very so colorful!

A pattern being commissioned by a customer for the sifu to sew. The shoes must be ready by 22 February and the sifu told me he'd have to work through Chinese New Year to finish them.

Sifu at Work...

Nice horr....but not cheap. It depends on beads type and patterns. A pair of shoes starts at RM200 onwards...

Next on, we saw many little shops selling pineapple tarts and pastries. All were freshly baked on the spot. I didn't buy any as I have pre-ordered some yummy Eurasian Pineapple Tarts from Elissa's mum. My Hunny looked afraid when he saw me eyeing the tarts as I guess he was remembering the mountains of tarts the last time we were in Malacca...

They may look nice but if they used Margerine as the pastry base, then I won't like it at all...I prefer my pastry base made from butter...100% pure butter please. As for the jam, I liked them spiced with cinnamon, star anise or cardamons.

This is from a nyonya kuih stall that we walked past. Seeing the blue-ness is very appetizing especially when they are not made from artificial colouring but from a flower called "Bunga Telang". This kuih is usually eaten with a dollop of coarse egg kaya. Yummy! I didn't buy any as the weather was really hot and I was afraid the kuih will go off before it reach our mouths.

Hence, these were the stuff that I wanted to buy but did not buy. I was such a good girl yesterday :)

Funny Photos I took at Jonker Street, Malacca

Here are some funny photos I took at Jonker Street.

A very colorful and eye catching shop

I laughed when I saw the nonsensical wordings on the shop front.

A yellow panty hung up to dry....It may bring bad luck to any male who walks underneath it unknowingly...

Modern Lingerie for the Afterworld residents....

Cute clogs magnets....good as wedding gifts but they are pricy. 1 pair for RM5.90, 2 pairs for RM10.00

Next up, due to being unemployed for the past few weeks, I didn't shop as heavily as I normally do in Malacca. My bf was very relieved. Next up, stuff that I couldn't afford to buy....

Places of Worship @ Jonker Street, Malacca

Hunny and I and 6 other friends went to Malacca yesterday for a day trip. We were supposed to last till dinner time but by 3.30pm, we were deadbeat and went home instead.

Here are some photos I took of places of worship in Jonker Street and its surrounding streets. Jalan Tukang Emas or Goldsmith Street is the only street I know that houses 3 places of worship together - The Chinese Temple, Indian Temple and Mosque.

Chow kneeling down for the best shot of the well worn out kneeling pad...this is called composition...a photo tells a thousand words of story...

O.o...supermodel....!! check out her heels!!!!

More to come soon...

Homemade Wheat Bran Hot Cakes

 I was getting sick of the usual bread and sandwiches at home and embarked to make some pancakes. As I couldn't find normal flour, I had to make do with self raising flour. Normal flour is used to make pancakes, superfine flour is used to make crepes and self raising flour is used to make hotcakes.

I did this without a set recipe and everything was added due to instinct. Any basic pancake/crepe/hotcake recipe would require milk/water, eggs, butter, flour and sugar with options of fruit or choc chips. It's the amount of liquid and type of flour you use that will have the end result of whether it is a crepe, pancake or hotcake.

Simple rules to follow when making pancakes/crepes/hotcakes ala Bunny Style

1. The flour must be sifted to rid of any impurities and for lightness of the batter and to ensure no lumps.
2. The egg must be beaten/whisked till it becomes light creamy yellow
3. The butter must be melted and cooled before mixing in to the flour
4. Milk will make the hotcake/pancake/crepe taste creamier in my opinion and hence a richer comforting taste.
5. The whisked egg to be added last and mixed evenly so that the batter is light.
6. The pan must be lightly oiled each time before a new pancake batch is poured on it to ensure that nice golden brown color
7. Maintain a low medium heat

This time, I wanted a healthier option and added wheat bran to the batter. Please take note to add more liquids as the bran will absorb the liquid. Too thick a batter may result in heavy hotcakes. I also added in a tablespoon of my mum's expensive milk powder as I didn't have any milk at home and I really like a creamy tasting hotcake...

Do use absorbent paper to absorb any residual oil. I ate my hotcakes with stewed green apples with a touch of cinnamon (this was actually the filling for my apple pie) but you can do so much with serving ideas such as fresh fruit with cream, plain with maple flavored syrup or honey, and etc.