Sunday, January 10, 2010

3rd Jan 2010 Chinatown Walkabout Gathering

I organized a photography walk last weekend with a group of photographers from via facebook invitation to Petaling Street which is Kuala Lumpur's version of Chinatown. I chose it to be in the morning as it seems more authentic in the morning rather than in the afternoon and evening as there are more foreigners such as Nepalese, Burmese, Indonesians manning the stalls.

We met up at 7.30am at Hon Kee Porridge stall. No pictures as I forgot to bring my flsh and my camera doesn't take good photos in low light. There were 10 of us in total as LY joined us at last minute.

This was Hon Kee Porridge stall's upstairs level...very old school feel..

After breakfast, we took a stroll to the wet markets. Market transactions were aplenty here.

My photo was overexposed...sigh...

I was told that naughty bunnies who steal will end up with chopped paws like these...*gulps*...

Maybe it was because of shyness, I didn't take that many photos in the market. I wasn't sure if the sellers like their photos being taken or not...

This was taken just outside Madras Lane. Traditional shoplots run down but still intact.

It's Sunday. The parking rules doesn't apply on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Just as luck would have it, I forgot to charge my camera again (1st time was in Sekinchan) and my power was flickering out as we walked to the back to Kwong Siew Temple. Once we reached the temple, there were a couple of beggars waiting outside. Word of caution, give each beggar individually if you wish to be charitable.

They look like siblings, right?

This Taoist temple was built in 1886 and is a temple dedicated to the deity, Kwang Ti.

These were taken from the temple.

This would have been perfect if I had shot this from the bottom-most but Hunny scare me till I didn't dare to stand directly underneath it.

This Dragon Robe was cropped from a robe meant to be burnt to worship the higher ranking deities in the temple.

After the temple, we walked towards Petaling Street for drinks at the foodcourt. We sat directly under the was noisy but cooling. That was when Tangachi joined us.

After drinks, we headed towards Central Market and shot around there. EK, a newbie to the forum hurried me over and pointed excitedly at the puddle.

By then, my camera was on high alert on serious shutdown time. I offed my camera and went ahead to visit Central Market. It has been 5 years since I last stepped in to Central Market and was pleasantly surprised how commercially transformed it was. It's really beautiful. We even went to the annexxe and visited the art exhibition there.

After Central Market, we adjoured for lunch. WaiSikMeow led us a big round to Lai Foong Kopitiam. He had gotten it mixed up with Zhing Kong Kopitiam. Lai Foong is famous for their beef noodles but I tried their Freshwater Prawns Yee Mee and was disappointed by the taste as it was so so so bland! It wasn't cheap either at RM13 a portion.

Photo by Hunny

The rest had Char Kuay Teow and Roasted Meat rice whereas Tangachi and WaiSikMeow ate thru 1.5 bowls of beef noodles and just the "liew".

It was a memorable and fun outing. More photos can be viewed at these urls


Thanks to Hunny, Li Lian, WSM, Tangachi, Ah Fai, OM, Eugene, Lee Yin and Kenny for making it to this outing. Hope to see you all at the next outing to Pudu!