Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bunny eats Lui Cha at PJ19 Foodcourt

Yesterday for lunch, Hunny and I decided to return to PJ19 Foodcourt for lunch. We had to pay for parking as during daytime till 6pm, parking is RM1 per every hour or part of.

Hunny very loyal and he had the same char siu wantan mee double portion again whereas I had the Lui Cha (a mixture of rice, cut leafy green vege, peanuts, beancurd cubes, french beans and eaten with a herbal green tea soup). This is a very healthy meal and the portions were generous for RM4. My only grouses were the absence of mint leaves taste in the soup and the rice was white instead of unpolished rice.

Very healthy indeed...

I must admit that eating this the 1st time, I rejected it totally as the taste of the soup was an acquired taste. The soup tasted very green and raw...but after a few tries, I was hooked and would order this to eat whenever I see it on sale.

Bunny eats Fish Porridge at PJ19 Foodcourt

Last weekend it was raining cats and dogs and thundering when we drove out to eat dinner. We were caught in traffic jams and went driving around for a place that was not too packed. We went to Kwong Sai Restaurant in Paramount but it was full house there...Hunny was getting irritated as it was getting late and we were going to eat at Papa Riche at Jaya Three 2 Square but I wasn't really in the mood and we drove past a corner foodcourt called PJ19 located amongst the factories and office buildings in Section 19.

We drove in and parked. We didn't know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and varieties of food available there. We only reached there at about 8.45pm. We did our usual walkabout to see what there was to offer and what I wanted to eat was already sold out. Hence, I settled dfor something warm and comforting - Fish porridge. It came in a claypot (thumbs up!) and it was fragrant and tasty. I was happy and ate everything up. It was RM5 or RM6 for this generous portion.

Hunny enjoyed his wantan mee too. A double portion noodle for RM4.80 only with a generous serving of char siu and wantan n vege.

The ceilings were high in this foodcourt and there were many ceiling fans and ventilators to keep this place light and airy without heavy food smells permeating our clothings. This place is a keeper!

Bunny eats at Clear Noodles Soup at Sg. Way

Yesterday, Hunny brought Bunny to Sg. Way for cheap eats. We went in at the Mercedes Benz's entrance to Sg. Way and turned right immediately after that. As you drive past, there are a few hawker stalls on your left and that's where we went. The place might not be the cleanest but the food's really wholesome and cheap.

This is my fishball hor-fun and yellow noodles mix in small sized. It came steaming hot in a not too oily anchovies rich stock with pieces of lean pork, 4 fishballs and 1 taufu-pok stuffed with fish paste. was steaming hot when it was served to me.

Hunny had 3 pieces of fish paste stuffed bean curd products with a serving of large hor-fun yellow noodles. No pictures because Hunny dug in already.

The total amount for this filling meal was only RM7.90 plus 1 cup of iced chinese tea. Best of all, no tummyache!!!!

Photos taken with my SE C902 phone.

Bunny eats at Kopi Club, Low Yatt Plaza

Last week, Bunny and a few colleagues celebrated Er's Birthday by having lunch at Kopi Club, Low Yatt Plaza. I seldom eat at places like this as I feel it's really overpriced for local meals that we can eat outside for half the price. After eating here, I must admit that some dishes are worth the price tag we pay for them.

I ordered the RM11.90 set that was the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah Special (Coconut Rice with Special Marinated Fried Chicken). The rice was really nice as the grains were whole yet infused with the fragrance of pandan leaves and coconut cream with a tinge of saltiness, the fried chicken was not stingy in portion, nicely marinated, fresh (no frozen aftertaste), tender but cooked through (no bloodiness). The dish also came with fresh crisp cucumbers, fried cabbage and tomato curry. The set also came with tea or coffee of your choice. I had a Teh 'O' Ais (Iced Tea) and it was just right...not too sweet.

This would be a place that I will come again for repeated visits.

Bunny eats Stewed Duck at New Town (State), PJ

I had a CNY Gathering in my house with some friends on 13th day of CNY. Some friends stayed back to chit chat and play Mahjong. Dwayne, Cher, Malcolm, Hunny and I decided to have dinner and we were pondering till Hunny suggested to have stewed duck at PJ New Town (State). Off we went. The restaurant was full but luckily when we came, there was a family leaving.

We ordered half a roast duck, some stewed eggs, stewed pig tummy and some pickled veges. I only managed to snap 2 pictures as there were some really hungry people waiting to dig in.

The duck was tender n nice...not too oily but I prefer roast duck...

The pig was served cold, i prefer it served warm...didn't really enjoy this as it was too tender...not a piece of chewiness resistance`...

The meal plus drinks came up to RM40 plus drinks for the 4 of us. Not bad at all as this is duck afterall. All photos taken by my SE C902.

Bunny eats in Sg Buloh

One evening, Hunny and I were at a loss what we wanted to eat for dinner. So Hunny suggested to drive into Sungai Buloh Village to see what is there to eat. I have never been to Sg. Buloh except to its many orchards and I eagerly agreed.

We went and I saw that it was still a village styled area with many many foreigners living in there due to the many factories in its surroundings. There were many restaurants and we passed by the famous Poon Choy (a meal whereby various meats, seafood, veges and other delicacies are arranged in a pot and later on mixed together and eaten by groups of families and friends) Restaurant. We drove around not knowing where to eat. There were restaurants filled brim with people eating and restaurants that were kind of empty. In the end, we also passed the restaurant that sells dimsum at nights only and came to a restaurant that was filled with people eating but not too many that it was overflowing.

We ordered the Pai Guat Wong (Golden Pork Spare Ribs) and the Butter Fried Prawns and the waitstaff recommended the Choy Sum with Pork Belly meat (Choy Sum = green leafy vege).

We were expecting dainty pieces of meat fried with the vege but we were so wrong...!!! Our jaws literally dropped when we were served these instead. My god! the portion was so generous that it could have been our one and only dish of the night if we had known earlier.

The spare ribs came our minds were registering "meat overload! meat overload!". It was too late to cancel our orders...The meat was tender and well marinated.

Our Butter Prawns came last and the portion was also generous with about 12 medium sized prawns. The prawns were fresh as we could still taste its sweetness.

We struggled to finish it but in the end, we ended up taking away the prawns and spare ribs as the choy sum dish really floored us. This assortment of dishes could have easily fed 4 people. While eating there, I noticed 2 tables having seafood soup and fish paste soup with rice only. It seems that the seafood soup and fish paste soup is one of the specialties there. Perhaps, next time Hunny and I will try that instead.

I can't remember the name of restaurant as I didn't bring my camera out that evening but it's a couple of shoplots down from the Sg Buloh Dimsum restaurant. All photos were taken by my SE C902 phone camera. The total meal plus 2 chinese teas cost us RM37.00. Good Value for the portions and freshness of dishes served.

Bunny eats at Kwong Sai Restaurant, Paramount

It was a Friday and usually Bunny eats with Hunny after work if he gets off work at 6pm. We decided to eat at Kwong Sai Restaurant in Paramount Garden at those shoplots facing Giant. I went there a few years ago when it was in its pre-renovation days and enjoyed the cheap but yummy homey cooked feel of food. Now the restaurant has been renovated and they have set a new menu instead of asking them to cook whatever we fancy.

We had lovely steamed chicken for 2 person portion. The chicken was just right for me but some would prefer it smoother although that'll mean a degree of bloodiness. I love the gingery sauce that came with it.

The peppery pig tummy soup was also nice. It was cooked to the right amount of tenderness yet retaining its chewiness. The soup base is peppery but not as sweet as the soup base in Ipoh at my favorite kopitiam there.

This meal of the chicken, pig tummy soup, a vege, rice and drinks cost us about RM30.

This restaurant for the past 2 times I was there was always full house at around 7pm till 8.30pm. Make sure you go try the food there as it's not too oily and still tasty. The MSG levels there is low as if it was MSG laden, I'll get really thirsty or headachey and will not go there again.

Photos taken with my SE C902 Mobile Phone.

Breakfast at KL Sentral

This is a backdated post on a charming cafe located at the Putra LRT side of KL Sentral called Panetonne Cafe that serves good for value western breakfasts (if compared with MC D's) that I went in Dec last year. A main plus coffee or tea will only set me back RM5.50 and it's always packed in the morning.

1. Here's my most favorite set. I can't remember the name but it comes with a set of soft boiled eggs. I don't really fancy the spread they use here but I think in future when I eat there, I'll request them not to put the spread on.

2. I didn't really enjoy the scrambled eggs as I found them not as satisfying as the 2 soft boiled eggs set.

To me, this is indeed a healthy start to the day as it is a balanced meal of carbos, protein, fiber and vitamins.

Location : KL Sentral
Price for above sets : RM5.50 per set

Photos taken with my SE C902 Mobile Phone.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nambawan Again!

Hunny and I came back to Nambawan again but this time we invited Shujin and Food-Cookies along. When we got there at noon, the owner told us that Roast Pork Belly will only be ready at 12.30pm which was fine with us. As Shujin and Food-Cookies were running late, Hunny and I ordered a serving of Swedish Meatballs in Gravalax Sauce with Roast Potatoes and Salad to munch on while waiting for them.

According to the chef, the original Swedish Meatballs are a mixture of beef and pork minced meat unlike the IKEA ones which are all beef because of the halal issue. The meatballs were nice as it had a "bite" to it and you could taste the meat texture as it was chopped finely by hand instead of processed in a mixer. There are also a mixture of herbs in to make these meatballs more tasty and aromatic. This portion cost RM8.90.

Below photos (those without text in the photos are taken by my hunny)

After finishing that plate, Hunny invited other friends who lived nearby along to discuss some business and enjoy some more food. We ordered 2 portions of Roast Pork Belly, 1 charbroiled Pork Chop and 1 Cod Fish with Bacon Sauce.

Photo by Hunny

My pork chop came and the first bite, it was really juicy and not overcooked. As I bite and chew, the meat juices squirt out making it a really tasty meal. RM12.90 for this.

Hunny's roast pork was also as yummy as last week but a bit more fatty. RM13.90 per serving.

Pictures by Hunny

Shujin and food-cookies came and they ordered Roasted Pork Belly and the Homemade Pork Burger. Food-Cookies complained that her pork skin wasn't nice and it stuck on her teeth. We then told her to leave some skin aside for it to rest and continue with her meal. You will have to wait at about 10 minutes to enjoy crispy pork crackling as the fats on the freshly roasted skin needs to settle in to create that crispiness. You can either wait or eat the meat first and leave the skin till later to enjoy. Later on. she tasted the skin that has rested and to her delight, the skin was really crunchy and she enjoyed it.

Suddenly as we were finishing, we met 2 Shutterasian members who came to try the food after reading my blog. They too ordered the pork burger and roast pork belly and enjoyed it thoroughly. They were also satisfied at the cheap prices. They said it was cheap, nice and delicious. DT, I must say, looked very satisfied at the roast pork belly and judging from his look, he'll be back there for more. J also enjoyed her Pork Burger too.

Before I forget, you will have to tell the wait staff or the chef that you want your meats slightly undercooked as they normally do well done meats for their customers as most don't like pinkish meats.

The boss recommended us to try their Hainanese Tea and it tasted nice and smooth and not too sweet. It would have been better if Malaysia sold back condensed milk instead of sweetened creamer. Our bill came up to RM75.00:-

1. 2 servings of Roast Pork Belly
2. 1 Pork Chop
3. 1 serving meatballs
4. 1 Pork Burger
5. 1 Lemonades (freshly squeezed),
6. 2 Iced Lemon Teas
7. 1 freshly extracted Watermelon juice
8. 1 hot tea.

RM75.00 for 4 people with all those food and drinks!!! Really worth it! Do pay this restaurant a visit. Very Yummy!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dinner at Aoyama, Sri Hartamas

Hunny gave me 2 choices for V-Day celebrations...RM165 spent on a dozen roses bouquet and no nice meals vs. Nice food and no rose bouquet, I chose the latter. Luckily I did or I'd wouldn't have discovered such lovely yummy stuff to eat.

For dinner, Hunny brought me to his favorite Japanese restaurant in Sri Hartamas called The Green Room or Aoyama Japanese Restaurant. We didn't make reservations and hence were seated at the sushi bar. The sifus were working non stop rolling rice, slicing, shaping rice, seafood and various condiments to fulfil menu orders.

Fresh Octopus tentacles

Fresh Salmon...yummy!!!

Fresh Tuna

Other fresh seafoods

Hunny told me to keep quiet and let him do the ordering. Then he went ahead to order stuff that were priced based on seasonal prices and my eyes grew wider and wider as he ordered. Unfortunately, two things bugged me about this restaurant, they didn't serve my favourite Ikura (Salmon fish eggs) and they ran out of my favorite Uni (Sea Urchin).

Yummy Maguro (Tuna) with Foie Gras. This was unbelievable!!! So yummy...that I let out a gasp of delight as I bit into it. The outside of the tuna was seared but in the middle, it was still raw and hence very juicy! I first thought it was a beef cube as it tasted like beef! I had 3 pieces and Hunny had 1 piece. Priced at RM28.00

Hunny ordered a Special Soup for me. It came in this blue cup and it was a clear soup stock with the sweetness of dried mussel, fatty salmon, mushrooms, onions, tofu and leek. Really soothing and comforting. Priced at RM16.00

Next up, was the yummy soft shelled crab with tamago sushi. This again is a big winner! Pure soft shell crab without the annoying flour batter that I have eaten in other restaurants. As it was rather huge, Hunny taught me to bite off the ends first to enjoy the fresh sweetness of the soft shell crab and then pop the whole sushi in my mouth and let the different flavors and textures explode in my mouth. It was orgasmic as the crispiness of the soft shell crab and roasted seaweed mixed with the sweet tamago, the tangyness of the mayonnaise and stickiness of the sushi rice came together as I chewed away. I had 2 pieces and Hunny had 2 pieces. Priced at RM16.00

Salmon Skin Maki took some time to arrive. It was again a first time for me eating this sushi. It was very crunchy and the salmon skin had no oily aftertaste. However, I didn't enjoy this maki as much as I enjoyed the 1st two sushis. This was because of my personal preference as I found the skin too crunchy and I'd prefer it with more sesame seeds. I had 2 pieces and Hunny had 4 pieces. Priced at RM16.00

Of course Hunny wouldn't had have enough to eat if he just ate sushi. He ate a Saba Shio Bento Set as well. Priced at RM20.00

This whole meal came up to RM107.80 with 2 Green teas. My mouth misses the Maguro Foie Gras Sushi (actually it's called Maguro Hanabi Sushi) so much...nyams...beef tasting Tuna....

Aoyama Japanese Restaurant,
No.10, Ground Floor,
Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-23000683

Highly recommended that you call and reserve a table on weekends and special occasions.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Porky Lunch at Nambawan Cafe

We really had no idea where to go for lunch today as all the shopping malls were really packed and other famous restaurants will be leeching us with expensive Valentine's meals today. Hence, Hunny and I went to Nambawan Cafe (at first when I read the spelling, I couldn't connect it to the restaurant...only when I read it aloud, it sounded like Number One!) at Taman Sri Manja, Old Klang Road for Valentine's Lunch as the shopping malls are packed.

I admit that I was very skeptical when we reached there as the cafe was empty! But once the food was served, I was very impressed.

1. generous....3 long slices of roasted pork belly with crispy skin. Not too salty...just right tasting...outside cannot even get so much pork for RM12.90! Weekend Specials Roasted Pork Belly - served with side dishes of fresh salad, apple chutney sauce, brown gravy and roast potatoes...RM12.90

2. Thumbs up!

3. Gorgeous juicy meat with ultra crisp crunchy crackling skin.....

4. Pork Burger served with french fries...only RM6.90!!! Freshly made juicy patties...Hunny said it was very delicious and different from those supermarket bought processed meats..there was still the bite to the minced pork meat.

The meal was excellent and the price was very reasonable a we only paid RM26.57 for 2 mains plus 2 drinks. An absolute value for money albeit its location.

Anyone interested to makan but don't know how to get there, please leave me a comment and we can arrange for a TT lunch or dinner getting there is rather daunting if you don't know the way to Taman Sri Manja, off Old Klang Road. If there are 6 or more who are interested in eating the Roast Pork Belly, do call 1 day ahead so that they can prepare it as the roast pork belly is their "Nambawan" best seller on weekends. You can also inquire if they can roast the pork belly specially for you if you decide to eat it on a weekday.

This really wins over Bellygood Restaurant in Sunway...ate there and didn't like it at all!!! Pricey and dry tough meat...I didn't even feel like blogging abt it...