Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Malacca Trip - Mille Crepes

What is Mille Crepe?

Mille Crepe is made up many layers (at least 20) of crepes (thin french styled pancakes) sandwiched with fresh cream, and maybe some fruit puree. It's available in Nadeje, Malacca as well as Section 17's Food Foundry. The cake is very light yet rich but very yummy! It is best eaten within 2 mins to 5 mins of serving. We had 2 rounds of Mille Crepe at Nadeje during our stay. All slices of the cakes are RM8.50 with the exception of several varieties that can cost slightly more. Nadeje has a policy that if you eat in, you must at least order 1 drink. This can turn out to be pricey for just the two of us. We spent close to RM40.00 each time we were there with 2 slices of cakes and 2 drinks.

1st day, we had the Chocolate Banana Mille Crepe and the Berry-Berry Mille Crepe. Hunny who seldom eat desserts enjoyed the Choc Banana one whereas we found the Berry-Berry one too sweet for our liking. Have to wait for my Hunny to give me the photos as I didn't bring my camera out that day.
During the 2nd visit on Sunday, there weren't much choices left and we settled for a slice of the Original Mille Crepe and a slice of the Chocolate Marbled Chiffon Cake.

Hunny as usual enjoyed the original Mille Crepe but he wished that there was more fragrant honey topping on the top layer of the cake.

This is the Chocolate Marbled Chiffon Cake. I didn't quite like it as I found it abit tough.

Here's my Mango Soda

Do try it out if you are in Malacca. Best eaten there!

Malacca Trip - Chicken Rice Balls

Last weekend, Hunny and I took the advantage of the long weekend holiday due to Divali to go to Malacca. We stayed at a hotel called Seri Costa Hotel near Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca Megamall. Sorry no pictures!

We were there to chill out and enjoy the food but the traffic congestion was horrendus! Hunny's car overheated a few times because it was so sunshiny and hot there while being caught in the traffic congestion. Later, he found out that it was due to no water in his engine.

I wanted to eat the mille crepe from Nadeje, orh jien and chicken rice balls whilst in Malacca.

We had chicken rice balls at the Formosa Chicken Rice branch (near Renaissance) and Hoe Kee (in Jonker Street). What is chicken rice balls? It is simply chicken (roast or steamed) served with rice cooked in chicken stock and other ingredients (to make it fragrant and tasty) and then shaped into mini balls (ping pong sized in some places to golf ball size at other places).

We had this set at the Formosa Chicken Rice Ball shop. It was not good. The riceballs and the chicken weren't fresh. We had a side order of Chicken Feet Thai Salad but the taste wasn't as refreshing as we wanted it to be as it was too sour.

The saving grace to this meal was the roast pork. The skin was still crisp and the meat were an even distribution of fats and flesh.

Here is what we had at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball shop in Jonker Street. Everything was nice except for the steam chicken as it was overcooked and the chicken lost its slipperly smooth flesh taste.

This was the queue at 11am...but the boss is very efficient in seating customers.

Next up is Mille Crepes!!!!