Monday, August 31, 2009

Haruki Adventures - Haruki's 1st Birthday Party

Haruki celebrated his 1st birthday belatedly last Saturday as his Mama was away holidaying with his god mamas. We went to tabao buka puasa food from the ss5 stalls for the humans to eat whilst Haruki had a surprise awaiting him.

1. Haruki's special Barkery Special Meatloaf Cupcakes - Speciallay ordered from The Bark-ery. Its ingredients includes Minced Beef, herbs, wholemeal bread, eggs, egg shells and other good wholesome products. RM30 for 12 pieces.

Haruki's cupcakes stacked up for better photography purposes. Looks like for human consumption if not for the crushed egg shells in it for calcium...

The Birthday boy posing patiently whilst waiting to eat his treats...

Posing with Mama and my 2 sexy God Mamas

With my 2 sexy God Mamas - Mama Hana and Mama Bea

Would have been the best family portrait but Mama Bea accidentally blinked...

Posing with The Barkery baker, Aunty Meen, who baked me these lovely goodies...

Haruki's a happy doggy but I should have shifted my position to snap the dog's pic...

Mama loves Haruki so much.

It was a great timing to shoot this but my hand shook...

Haruki snitched a piece and wanted more....aww...look at him pout...

Final shot of the Birthday Boy....

Haruki Adventures - Haruki Does A Marley at Bukit Gasing

Last Saturday, my sis and I brought Haruki for his virgin trip out of the housing area to Bukit Gasing for a fun walk. What my sister and I imagined didn't materialize as Haruki turned in a Marley when we got there!

Haruki was restless as we were travelling on the highway as I guessed it didn't smell good and the noise levels were pretty bad for Ruki's ears. The moment we turned at Raju's, Haruki suddenly turned very alert and was sniffing the air with great interest. My sis usually leaves one window down for her son (the dog) to stick his head up to enjoy the scenery and air.

The Park Entrance...

Haruki getting down from the car looking bewildered at the new surroundings...

Walking in through the entrance, Haruki got really excited with all the new surroundings and scents and was tugging my sister to hurry up...

Haruki does his 1st Marley move....running after 2 dogs with my sis trying desperately to cling on to the leash in which she drops the leash eventually due to Haruki's body force being too much for her to handle...
==in the backdrop, some walkers were shaking their heads in disapproval and some were smiling bemusedly==

As we were getting admonished for bringing in an uncontrollable dog in, we got negative feedback that made my sister decide to turn back and leave instead. As we couldn't turn back, my sister had to walk till the end and do a U-Turn to the next lane.

However, Ruki didn't seem to wanna go back and continued to tug...

Finally, my sis managed to turn back towards the entrance. I think we only managed to go in about 200m...*lol*....

Luckily, we did meet some kind people who own dogs and in particular this uncle who said he had 2 labradors of which one was a chocolate brown labrador - My sis's dream dog. So they stood at the entrance discussing doggy tips.

As we were walking back to the car, there was a rotweiller puppy standing next to his master and Haruki wanted to go and make friends. My sis pulled Haruki back fearing that the Rotweiller may attack her silly son. Suddenly we spotted this great dane lookalike dog. To me, the dog reminded me of Scooby Doo and reminded my sister of the cartoon character Mamaduke. The owner, Leon, was very friendly and brought his dog over to make friends with Haruki.

Surprisingly, Leon's dog (I forgot his name) is only 1 year old and was not a great dane as I originally thought it was. He is a mixed breed of Doberman and Bull Mastiff. He had a really nice coat of shiny milk chocolate color. He is very friendly but people are intimidated by its size. He's only 1 year old and so big already. My sis said that her son looks like a gal next to this dog. cute..!! The 3 dog owners step in to discuss and share more doggy tips. Leon's dog was trained strictly by the textbook. No fancy classes for him. The secret lays with the firmness and consistency of the owner.

Leon was surprised that Haruki walks with his nose stuck sniffing on the ground instead of walking with its head upright to be alert of the surroundings and to protect his owner if needs be. He advised to train Ruki using a haltee. He also said that the choker leash is not suitable for jungle treks and that a harness would be more suitable and easier to control. We went back to Leon's car as we didn't know what a haltee was and Leon demo-ed it to us using his dog's haltee on Haruki.
Haruki, the innocent dog, had no idea what he was getting himself into and was willing to let Leon slip the haltee on.

Leon then continues to advise us on how the haltee is to be used....

We saw the magic of the haltee...each time the dog bends down to sniff, one must jerk the haltee up...repeat if necessary. Soon the dog will learn not to sniff too much.

Leon's last imparting advice was that my sis is the master / BOSS whereas Haruki is the slave / PET.

Moral of The Story

- Choker not recommended for jungle treks. Harness recommended.
- Must train Haruki to be more calm as some walkers didn't like Haruki as a wild dog
- Must show Haruki that Mama is boss and not Haruki is boss
- Must make time and sacrifices in order to bring up a fitter dog.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bunny Eats Dim Sum in Sg. Buloh

Hunny and I went to Sg Buloh for Dinner Tonight. We decided to have dimsum as we were too lazy to drive out to Nambawan for dinner.

1. This is the shop front of the Dim Sum Restaurant and it's well known for serving dimsum at nights.

2. The lady boss recommended us to try the Thai Style Deep Fried Tofu Salad. It was nice and refreshing however at RM5.xx, it's a bit too pricy.

3. The Kau Choy Gao or the Chinese Chives Steamed Dumplings at RM4.50. Hunny loved it as the chives didn't over power the taste of the prawns. I also enjoyed it as it wasn't oily and the prawns were crunchy but lacking the fresh prawn taste though.

4. The Steamed Pork Ribs which were not too fatty but Hunny found it bland as he was used to heavier tasting dishes. RM3.00

5. The 2 shellfish dimsums that we tried.

6. Lala Dimsum with fish paste topping. Mediocore at RM2.60

7. Mussels and pork paste served in salty egg sauce. It was different but I prefer a dryer more intense salty egg yolk taste. RM4.50

8. Siu Mai. We didn't like it as it was rather plain compared to the earlier fancy dimsums that we tasted. RM2.60

9. My favourite! The Har Mai (Prawn with Pork Paste Steamed Dumplings). RM4.50

10. Look at its prawns!! So generous! As generous as Ipoh's Foh San. It was a delight biting thru the thin skin and crunchy prawns but it was lacking the prawny taste though.

11. Dessert of Deep Fried Lotus Yam Paste Balls. I forgot to ask the price though. Hunny enjoyed it and it came in servings of 5 balls.

12. Look at the smooth not too sweet filling...Hunny enjoyed all 5 balls as I was too full to eat and I still had porridge to eat.

13. My bowl of century egg lean pork congee. Very traditional congee with pei dan and I did think the pork tasted more like chicken strips though...

14. Hunny asked if there were any other special dimsums that the shop had and the lady boss recommended Keong Yong Tao Bao (Ginger Garlic Beancurd Skin Roll)

15. Hunny enjoyed it as the whole combi worked. The Ginger Garlic topping was not too spicy but was really fragrant. Even I enjoyed the topping. Combined that with my congee, my tummy felt so nice and warm.

16. The contact card for the restaurant. They are open from 10am till 2pm and 7pm till late. Best to call the lady boss to check for further details.

17. The map there.

Hunny and I will definitely go back there with more friends so that we can try more dim sums. Our total bill was RM59.60 (inclusive RM19 worth of takeaway for bfast next day).
My 2nd trip there 2 weeks ago was a not so happy story. We barely ate but yet we were charged RM40! We didn't even call any mussels this time...!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seafood Porridge at Kam Heong Kopitiam, PJ State (New Town)

Last weekend I was not feeling very well and Hunny brought me to eat an expensive seafood claypot porridge. Surprisingly, the kopitiam which is usually very packed and busy was not that full and we managed to find good seats.

Hunny ordered a wantan mee (small portion) and a seafood claypot porridge for 2 person. Hunny felt the the wantan mee was not worth its RM4.50 as it was really small and miserable if compared to Section 19's food court which RM4.50 would be for double mee and a bit more char siu. No pictures taken bec I was feeling a lil under the weather at that time.

Our seafood porridge came was huge! Of cost us RM31! Looks really normal on the surface, right?

Last time they used to have many medium sized prawns but this round there were only 2 XL very fresh, sweet and juicy prawns in it...

Fresh Fresh Lala....

Fresh Firm White Fish stinky fishy smell...even Hunny enjoyed it...and there were unshelled crab meat in there too...yummy!

Hunny scooping a lil of everything into my bowl...the prawn was really nice...

Yum bowl...there were plenty of dried scallops in it too...the rice grains were broken down just the way I like my can taste a light dash of rice wine was added to it. The ginger slices were very nice and hot...

Don't underestimate this claypot of porridge...I was full after eating it. RM31 is pretty steep price to pay but once in a while is ok-lah..