Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bunny Goes To 1st Hot Air Balloon Festival at Putrajaya

Last Saturday, Hunny and I went to Putrajaya to shoot the 1st Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was the 1st time for me to be in Putrajaya at daytime. Here are some of the pictures that I took...

The setting up of the 1st Hot Air Balloon - Nescafe

The fire heat was very very hot....I could feel it even though I was about 20 to 30 feet away from it.

There were throngs of people there by 7am...majority armed with DSLRs.

The authorities only let us in at 7.30am and we only had 15 minutes to shoot pictures before they shooed us out.

When they shooed us out, Hunny drove us towards PICC where the balloons would be landing nearby for a shot in the sky view. We parked at the VIP parking right in front of Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and the view was breathtaking.

Too bad my camera's zooming abilities were limited but here are some of my best shots.

That's all from my Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Coverage.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bunny goes shopping at Subang Parade

I am taking a short break from food blogging to blog about how I spent RM120.00 in 1.5 hour which left my Hunny shaking his head and nodding to sleep at Mc D's whilst waiting for me...He has a favourite phrase on the retailers...."Female's money very easy to make profit"

I first spent my 1st RM33.90 on a kimono dress. I finally tried it on n found that it does suit my body but have to wear a tube underneath bec it's very low cut...

Next, I spent RM14 on this bracelet...cooling when I wear...

My yummy cupcakes.... 2 for RM5.....

Then, shoes....ever since my foot accident in late Sept, I stopped wearing my 3 to 5 inches high heels due to the injuiries sustained and been wearing fake Crocs everyday and everywhere I go. Yes, I am cheap...I wear fake Crocs but they do provide me almost the same level of comfort as the real ones do. They are priced at RM16.99 a pair under the brandname Asadi in Giant but at least when they spoil, I can immediately buy a new pair~....!

I was browsing around and came across this shop called "Red Modani" in between the Sach Shop and Triumph Boutique. The shoes are decently priced and best thing is their shoes are very comfy! I was pleased as I have broad feet and the styles that I tried on didn't pinch my toes or "bite" my heels.

This is the casual wedged heels that I bought and left at my bf's place just in case we go out to nicer places. Very comfy!

This is my new work shoes with 1 inch heels....may look tacky with the clear plastic but very comfy and best of all, it has ventilation! Got holes at the sides on the plastic least my feet can breathe!!

These 2 pairs only cost me RM68.00 after discount which is a steal for its design and comfort levels offered!

No wonder my bf say women money very easy be earned by retailers. Lucky me, my bf not stingy after the last time I said he was stingy as he subsidized me on half of what I spent. To me, I say it's well worth my RM120 as it comprises of a dress, 2 cupcakes, a bracelet and 2 pairs of shoes as I know some people are willing to spend the same RM120 on 1 piece of clothing or just on accessories or 1 pair of shoes!

P/S: I will next update (when I m in the mood) how I spent RM350.00 buying 5 pairs of pants (3 long and two 3/4's) and 1 long skirt from British India!

Bunny eats Cupcakes from A Taste Boutique, Subang Parade

Bunny went shopping last Saturday at Subang Parade. I have not stepped in there for a few years already...last time I was there was for Market visit when I was still working under the "sloggi" brand.

After coming out from a boutique, I came across a lil flea market inspired stall selling 2 cupcakes for RM5.00. In my previous experience, 2 for RM5 comes as cheap for me. Afraid to be disappointed, I bought only 2 flavors to try - Orange and Carrot Walnut. They also have a website called which I read about sometime ago but their actual Bistro is actually located in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya which is way out of my radar as I don't drive. Picture blur because used my mobile phone.

The cute factor was that they were innovative enough to provide handles for the cupcake boxes to save on the environment from using plastic bags to carry the boxes.

Upon reaching home and tasting them, I regretted not buying more to eat. They were delicious!!!! Hunny had the orange which I didn't get to taste whereas I had the Carrot Walnut. One word of advise is to let the cakes sit for at least 5 mins before eating them as the flavors are better enjoyed that way. The carrot walnut cake was not too sweet, the topping was a delightful lemon cream cheese layer, the walnuts were roasted and gave the best fragrance to the cake and everything just complemented each other.

Carrot Walnut Cupcake

Orange Cupcake

I wonder when can I convince Hunny to go back to Subang Parade again or drive to their Bistro to try out their other cakes...kekekeke...

The Art of Slicing a Juicy Sausage...

1. This is a RM11.90 plate of succulent porky sausages from Nambawan Cafe...

2. My Hunny cutting the sausage whilst I snap the photos...

3. Waaahhh....the juiciness which is actually bits of cheese embedded with the minced meat mixture...

4. Waaahhh...more juice oozing out....not dry at all...

5. Wowww.... I miss it already....minced meat which still has the "bite" and right amount of seasonings...Hunny and I actually ate this again tonite...we went on Sat Evening but I didn't bring my G9 out...

Very worth the RM11.90!

Here is the Amatriciana Spaghetti I had again bec also very nice...only RM8.90

After mixing...the sauce is not too tangy...just the way I like it....

And Hunny's Fish & Chips...forgot how much it was...forgot where I put the receipt...

All these plus a cup of hot milk tea for around RM35.00

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bunny eats at Nambawan again Part 4

Last nite not knowing where to eat, we decided to go to Nambawan again. When we got there, the sifu was doing some serious charbroiling and roasting. Instead of sitting inside where we normally sit, we decided to sit outside. There were table settings for 12 pax on the inside. So that explained the rather stuffy condition in the cafe.

Hunny went straight for his regular fav whilst I was determined to try something new.I was wanting to eat some pasta but wasn't sure what to choose. The ladyboss then recommended the Amatriciana Pasta (RM8.90) which she also likes to eat and even more amazingly...her pet cat also loves to eat it too! I trusted her recommendation and when it came, I was initially put off by the Parmesan cheese smell as I am not a fan of strong smelling cheeses but after mixing everything in, it complemented the pasta beautifully. There weren't much sauce but the spaghetti was al-dente with bits of Pancetta bacon in it. The taste was just right...not too peppery nor sour.

Hunny's Roast Pork Belly (RM12.90) as usual tasted good but I wished he'd try something new so that I could blog more about it.

As I could see Hunny wasn't too full after the Roast Pork Belly and I was just right after the pasta, we decided to try the Oxford English Pork Sausage (RM11.90) as the ladyboss was always recommending to us. We were transfixed when the plate came. It looked really crispy on the outside. Hunny suddenly exclaimed "Oh My GOD!!!" as he was slicing the sausage into bite sized pieces for us to eat n I looked over....."WOWWWWWW....!!!!" ... the sausage was so so juicy!!! The juice came from the bits of cheese embedded within the not too finely minced meat. The sausage texture was really GOOD...very BEST!!! The minced meat still had some bite to it and wasn't oily at all. The herbs mixture was not too overpowering, the cheesey bits provided the yummy juiciness as we chewed away....we both agreed that these sausages were HEAVENLY...!!! The sausages were made freshly by the sifu's supplier whom he refused to reveal to us where he got them for. So we'll have to go back to Nambawan if we want to eat more of these succulent porky delights.

Hunny and I love the french fries here. We even asked for the roasted potatos in the Roast Pork Belly to be subsituted with french fries instead. Yum Yum! Can fight with Mc D fries but it's even better here as there is no oily aftertaste.

Last but not least, this is my mug of lemonade! It's really a huge mug of lemonade!!! Got real lemon juice in it! Tangy and sweet at the same time. Outside cannot find such a big mug of lemonade for only RM3.90!!!! Yummy!!!

We were lucky when we arrived at 7pm, the cafe was still relatively empty. When we left, they were almost full house. We were glad that they had customers after weeks of seeing it empty.

Total damage to Hunny's wallet was only RM39.48 (inclusive 5%) tax. So worth it!!! Where can find...clean surroundings, 3 main courses, 1 fresh fruit juice for this price???? Yummy!!!!

Pictures taken with my SE C902 phone.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bunny eats Nasi Lemak at USJ2

Hunny brought Bunny to eat Nasi Lemak at USJ2 last night. It was a nice and breezy night and we sat outside. So refreshing.

I had a Nasi Lemak with a Rendang like sauce Chicken. I could taste the Galangal in it. What is Galangal? As per wiki,

The Galangal plant (Galanga, Blue Ginger) is a rhizome with culinary and medicinal uses (Thai: ข่า ("Ka") , Malay: lengkuas (Alpinia galangal), Traditional Mandarin: 南薑, Simplified Mandarin: 南姜, T:高良薑/S:高良姜, Cantonese: lam keong, 藍薑, Vietnamese: Riềng). It used in various oriental cuisines (for example in Thai cuisine Tom Yum soups and Dtom Kha Gai, and throughout Indonesian cuisine, for example, in Nasi Goreng). Though it resembles the ginger that it is related to, there is little similarity in taste.

In its raw form, galangal has a citrus, earthy aroma, with hints of pine and soap in the flavor. It is available as a whole root, or cut or powdered. The whole fresh root is very hard, and slicing it requires a sharp knife. A mixture of galangal and lime juice is used as a tonic in parts of Southeast Asia. It is said to have the effect of an aphrodisiac, and act as a stimulant. In the Indonesian language, greater galangal is called lengkuas or laos and lesser galangal is called kencur. It is also known as galanggal, and somewhat confusingly galingale, which is also the name for several plants of the unrelated Cyperus genus of sedges (also with aromatic rhizomes).

Now, back to my plate. The chicken was wonderfully tender and the spices infused in it. I could taste the santan (coconut milk) in the slightly salty tasting rice, the ikan bilis (anchovies) were just right and salty to be enjoyed with the rice but I didn't quite enjoy the sambal (chilli paste cooked with onions and more ikan bilis) as it was too sweet for my liking.

Hunny had the Nasi Lemak Masak Merah. He didn't quite enjoy his chicken as the sauce was rather sweet.

We both had the Sirap Limau Ais (Iced Rose Syrup with Lime juice) which was very refreshing and came in tall mugs. I think the bill total was about RM16.00.

Bunny eats at Nambawan with SA members

Bunny and Hunny met up for dinner with the Shutterasia Photo Members at Nambawan Cafe. It was a really fun night out on that rainy evening.

We shared this plate of pesto toast and spare ribs. I found the pesto yummy but the Parmesan was overpowering as I don't really fancy Parmesan Cheese. The spare ribs were a lil dry at the meaty part but was done just nicely at the bone parts.

I decided to try something else and ordered their Tenderloin with Gravalax Sauce done up Medium Rare. Yummy!!! Just as bloody and juicy as I imagined it to be.

Hunny ordered chicken dish recommended by the lady boss. It was a cheesy chicken breast. The breast wasn't dry but the portion was a bit too small for Hunny's appetite.

In my opinion, I think it's best to stick to the porky dishes at Nambawan Cafe.

Joyce brought along a box of Yee Sang and the whole table (8 of us excluding Joyce) exclaimed as it was way past Chinese New Year. The lady boss set up the plate for us and told us to add orange juice to the sauces to make it taste better. There was no raw fish slices in there...just the crispy bits and preserved ginger. The lady boss was adding the orange juice, the dish tasted really fresh!

The emptied plate. Ahh....satisfaction....bliss....