Friday, February 29, 2008

Post Snatch Thief Trauma

I know that I should be thankful for many things.

I was LUCKY for so many things during this incident.

I was LUCKY I wasn't hurt badly over the incident...physically wise...just a sore leg, shoulder, arm and some fingers

BUT I am mentally scarred though

I was LUCKY I lost items that are replaceable with cash

BUT money can never buy back the contacts and smses I have in my lost phone

I was LUCKY my new camera, IC, Touch & Go Card were not stolen as well

BUT I lost my cash, business cards, member loyalty cards, driving license, brand new iPod shuffle, ATM and credit cards, calculator, umbrella, my favorite shawl and other stuff that I can't think of now

I was LUCKY because I was carrying a cloth bag that night and that I wasn't holding my bag too tightly

OR I'd be dragged, slashed and get hurt even more badly

However, now I am paranoid of going out. I can't walk on my own past or next to open roads. I am scared when I see or hear motorbike sounds.

I know life goes on. I know I have to be more careful nowadays...especially when I rely on public transport to get around.

To all my readers, no matter whether you drive or rely on public transport like me, please be ultra careful. It's not just the ladies who get rob...but they do target men as well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Day of FGS Lantern & Flora Fest

At 1st, I thought FGS Dong Zhen meant Fu Gwai San which is a luxury cemetary located in Nilai, Malaysia and I was wondering why would they have a Lantern and Flora Festival there in conjunction with CNY. Later on, my friends clarified it by telling me that FGS was actually an acronym for Fatt Gong San which is an area for praying and worship. FGS Dong Zhen is located in Jenjarom nearby Banting and Klang. It is approximately 90 mins drive from my house to get there.
I asked my friend to bring me there on the last day which was 23 Feb as I was curious what the place looked like. My friend and I arrived there at 5pm and it was really hot that day. Here are some pictures to enjoy...

The Highlight of the event - The Giant Revolving Lantern on a field of flowers (crysanthemums to be precise)

2D floral effect Lantern

The 3D Effect Sakura Lantern

The Cheesey Lantern as it is now Year of the Golden Rat in the Chinese Calendar

A row of lighted Lanterns

The flowers were lovely there despite the hot weather....

The Water Lily

The lovely Purple Orchid

The Dying Glory of a Crysanthemum

The abundance of flowers in the Giant Lantern Field

They had a lovely Koi Pond...

Lotsa Fishes (taken without flash)

Without Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash

And....Waaahhhh...!!! With Flash!!!!

The statues were cute this is a bunny blog, it's most appropriate to post these....

This one so cute!

There were members of FGS from young children to adults taking turns to walk around holding these signboards to warn members of the public to be careful and keep the temple grounds clean. This particular boy was trying to avoid the camera and actually begged me..."No more pictures please" as he was already very shy and probably didn't want to get teased by his friends just in case his photo came out where his friends could see him.

Suprisingly the park was clean by Msian standards but not 100% clean....

I really enjoyed my FGS Trip and am looking forward for next year's round...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I was a Snatch Thief Victim Last Night...

I was a victim of a snatch thief last night at about 8pm. To those who have my mobile phone, do not call me and do not pick up any calls if it's by my number in these coming few days. I plan to buy a new phone on this coming Thursday or Friday.

It happened 3 houses away from my own house in PJ ss3...I was coming back from pasar malam* at 8.15pm and I was tengah korek** my bag for my hse keys when I was pushed n my bag was grabbed from me. I normally walk in the opposite direction of cars driving with my bag on my inner side but as I was only 3 houses I crossed the road to the side where my house is. I didn't hear any motorbike coming and I only gave out a small cry and not a loud cry because it was useless. (*pasar malam = night market; **tengah korek = halfway digging in Malay)

I was lucky in a sense that I was wearing flat shoes , my camera was in my other hand bec I bzbody took it out to snap pictures of the BN* rep belittling the DAP* rep and so it was out of that snatched bag, my mini purse where I keep my IC, Touch & Go Card, my IKEA card also escaped the snatch. I lost my handphone (luckily it's 6 yrs old n left only RM7 prepaid credits), my designer long purse with HSBC credit cards and part of my salary, my complete set of hse keys and gate remote control and other stuff. Now my phone line and credit cards has been cancelled. Most fearsome was how to sleep last night because the thieves got full set of my hse keys..if that pair pressed my remote control, my gate will we offed the gate's power supply tonite n let the dog loose and hoped for the best. (*BN & DAP = 2 political parties in my area vying for the state and parliament rep spots)

My mum was scolding me on y I didn't hear any motorbike sounds of which I really didn't hear. Never even ask me if I was hurt or not. I was suprisingly calmed throughout the ordeal. The first thing I did was cancel my HSBC cards as I had already cleared my my limit and didn't want the thieves to swipe my card. I cancelled my phone line and ATM cards at the Balai Polis* (*Balai Polis = Police Station)

Then at the Balai Polis, another snatch thief victim told us that the snatch thieves will actually not press / step on their accelerator and leave it in free gear so that it can move but soundless...then they snatch and then press their accelerator and zoom off. That was y I didn't hear any motorcycle sounds. The other snatch thief victim was unlucky in the sense that she had to have 15 stitches to her left hand because her snatch thieves on the bike had a parang*. (*long cutting knife for plants)

Now, I must say my parents and I are totally freaked out and they have given me orders on asking them to pick me up wherever I am and that no more buses or walking alone for me. As for myself, I have decided to leave shoulder, sling and waist pouches alone for the moment. I am now using a clutch bag but my mum advised me that pockets are the best. However, pockets can only carry up to limited items and have to be careful of pickpockets.

This morning wake up blur and tired. Now I am still at work trying to finish off my month end closing so that I can take leave tomorrow to replace all my necessary documents. My right hand's fingers and shoulder are a bit sore as they grabbed it off me.
If drive car, scared bang from back or shatter glass windows to rob...if walking outside, scared snatch thieves or kidnap...what is Msia coming to??? It's not safe for us ladies!

Monday, February 25, 2008

FGS Dong Zhen Part 1

This is my one of my favourite pictures taken at the FGS Dong Zhen Festival last Sunday. An accidental chance of using flash when taking the photo turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I usually hate to use the flash of my camera...

I will blog more about my visit soon....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Black Gold Mango

I have a few personal favourites for mango varieties. I love savouring sweet juicy fragrant mangoes particularly Indian Mangoes, Australian Mangoes and Malaysia's own Black Gold Mangoes...

I am really happy that Black Gold Mangoes are now in season. The characteriestics of the black gold mango is that it is a slightly curved at the end, bright green skin and to tell if it's ripe, there will be a yellowish tinge near the stem and it should yield to touch and the softer it is, the riper it is. Its flesh is orangey yellow with succulent flesh that is really sweet and fragrant.

Yummy till the end....


Here are a series of flower photos that I took from my own garden...

My Garden...

It's funny how flowers change colors....

My Garden

The flower withered away before it turned into a full purply pink...

Hibicus Transformation at FGS

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Triumph In Love

I went for the Triumph In Love Event on 12 Feb at Tangs, Pavilion. This was a closed door event whereby the show only started at 10pm. My photos are not really great as this was my 1st time taking photos of fast walking models....

Joanne, Inez, Ming Yam & Ena having a breather before the show.

The Show Card

The Backdrop

The Entrance / Exit of the Fashion Show. The models walked on the ground and pose on the white platforms. It sure saves a lot of money as building stages are expensive and limited movement space. Now with this method, models can cover a longer runway sequence.

The Goodie Bags. They contain a red rose, a Valentine Discount for Triumph's Valentine range, and a Tangs Voucher worth RM50 for purchases above RM250.

L - R : Hue Ping, Michelle and Stephenie (all Triumph PEs) as receptionists
Daphne in the Changing Room. Daphne was in charge of this event.

Angeline sure looks different after being styled. I thought she was one of the models

A model having a light bite before the show

The show..........some of my better looking shots

The Finale with Cheryl Samad as the host

My verdict : It's really hard to shoot walking models with my Canon G9. I am too slow but I learn fast. I will need to keep my camera focused on a special point and not to be greedy and move my camera around so that I can capture the best shots.