Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greedy Me Again!

Snack Time @ 3pm

Kerepek = Local Chips made from potatoes, yam, tapioca....below picture shows freshly fried potato chips with sweet chilli sauce

Sugarless Apple Juice to wash down these sinful chips

Sticky, Sweet, Spicy Slightly Crispy and Chewy Chips

Smiley Face

Piggy Nose

Piggy Face

Piggy Face 2

No More!!! Bunny becomes a Piggy!

6.00pm at home....Scones with Lemon Jam!!!

Lemon Jam - Sweet with a hint of tangy-ness. Best with scones or toast or sandwich!

Dinner Time - Lots of Mustard Greens (Choy Sum in Canto) to offset the guilty snackings.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Greedy Me....

12.15PM I was walking to the food court....I saw the queue so so short!!! The Donut craze must be finally dying...hence I lined up 10 mins to get my donuts but damn disappointed as they didn't have my favorite "Why Nut" or my boss's favorite "Al-Capone".

1.30pm Back at my half dozen sinful donuts awaiting me....

The half dozen that I chose....

I ate the Green Tea Donut 1st

After eating the Green Tea Donut, I couldn't resist and ate the J-Crowne...Hrmm...a lil chewy and more satisfying. This is because they added egg to the dough...

4 Donuts left....hrmmm....which one should I have next?

I chose the Glazzy...not too sweet and the glaze had set a lil...

The Glazzy wasn't enough. Hrmmm....Maybe the Heaven Berry will be able to satisfy me...

I am supposed to finish work at 4.30pm but due to month end closing, I had to work late. Only 2 left...I am a little hungry....finally at 4.45pm, I ate the Coco Loco...sinful chockful of choco cream enclosed in the light air donut.

Finally, I decided to eat the last donut...not bad...the icing sugar tasted like glucose powder that we drink to replace our body salts...

6.00 pm
By 6.00pm, the donut box is in the dustbin....Bye Bye Donuts!!! Hello Flabby Tummy...!!

My mum must have saw that my tummy was bigger and only decided to serve me a soup bowl sized dinner...consisting of 1/5 red rice and loads of roast pork for me....*sobs*

Luckily I was allowed a bowl of my favorite dessert soup - Gingko Nut, Barley and Beancurd Sheets. Yummy....

I hope my donut craze has died off...CNY Feasting is starting....nyam nyam nyam...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Farewell Party - Vivian's 6 Years Empire

On 26 Jan 2007, I went for Vivian's Farewell Party held at Halia Restaurant at the Sime Darby Convention Centre. Vivian used to be my Supply Chain Manager when I was in Tesco 3 years ago. My 1st job after uni was at Tesco Stores Head Office doing Inventory Management. In my course of 3 years there, I did Inventory Management and 1 year of Buying. Vivian proved her capabilities and went on to be Supply Chain Director and also took over the IT Dept. At the end of last year, she decided to take a break from her career to spend more time on bringing up her daughter, Nicole.

This is a group picture of her past and present staff over the 6 years Tesco has been in operations comprising of Replenishment, DC, IT, Schematics, Item Maintenance, and Fresh Replenishment

Can you spot me in here?

B&W and Colored - Original Replenishment & Schematics Staff

Past and Current Replenishment Staff

Candid Shot

Candid Shot 2

More Pictures to come....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Fragrant Bolsters - Striptease!!

Here are my 2 Must-Haves when I sleep....

Please meet my Big Bolster which I hug to sleep every night. It provides with great comfort to have this bolster kiap-ed in between my legs.

The Frog Bolster is a vibrating Bolster...the black plug has an "on-off" switch and it runs on 2 AA Batteries.

Today's Focus will be on my big bolster. It's about 5 ft long in length with a 6 to 7 inch diameter (about the size of a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza or slightly bigger)

This is my Bolster posing with my Bunny Ears Trademark

Half Stripped!

Fully Stripped!

Top View Of My Bolster....Drool stains...nice and fragrant!

Bottom View...Dirty Paws Stains...

I think my bantal busuk (stinky comfort pillow)'s stains would be much worst than my bolster.
Do you have any comfort items that you hug to sleep that you can share with me? Do share with me your comments.

Bunny Goes To The Zoo...

One fine day on Jan 10th, Bunny decided to visit the ancestors in the zoo.

Pirate Bunny

Say Cheeseeeeeee....!!

Bunny + Lion = Bunion?

Stupid Crocodile...!!! Bad Crocodile!!! Must not eat Bunny!!!

Ahh.....Bunny's ancestors

Word of Advice : Bring your own picnic lunch to the Zoo....the food in there is yucky!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Wow!!! Looks like I am not the only one obsessed with kiap-ing a bolster to sleep....See this cat!!! This was scanned from The Star Newspaper dated 5 Jan 08.

He sure looks comfortable and contented in hugging this feather duster to sleep....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Festive Cookies - Peanut Cookie Balls

Peanuts or Groundnuts are very versatile and have many uses. Peanuts are high in protein and niacin. Peanuts can be made into peanut butter, candies, biscuits, cakes, soups, oil, roasted as snacks, peanut milk as a lactose free beverage and many more.

Peanut Cookie Balls - Yum Yum!

These golden brown melt in the mouth Peanut Cookie Balls are also a staple type of CNY Festive cookie. It's hard finding a good one nowadays as the health factor kicks in as the best Peanut Cookie Balls would contain Lard. Lard always make a big difference to everything that we eat as it will enhance and make it tastier and more fragrant.

A good Peanut Cookie Ball would have the fragrance roasted peanuts with a melt in mouth salty sweet taste and the peanut at the top of the cookie should be roasted and crunchy. The ingredients to make these cookie balls are actually really simple and cheap. All you will need will be flour, sugar (castor), peanuts, oil and a bit of lard (to make it tasty) and a pinch of salt. It is the workmanship of making these delightful balls that is tedious. The peanuts would have to be roasted (by frying in a wok) till they are golden brown and emits a peanut fragrance. The peanuts are then grounded into fine meal to create the melt in mouth texture.

I don't bake my own peanut cookies due to this tedious-ness. Hence, I hope that this year my mum would be able to find a good peanut cookie ball supplier.