Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bunny's Smooth Encounter

After the huff huff puff puff temple climb, we drove back to Ipoh and I told Hunny that I wanted to drink Pang Dai Woon (pennyworth/pegaga) juice. So we went to Loke Wee Koi to drink and I asked Hunny to order me a serving of Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun as my favourite pork tummy soup stall has closed down *weeps*.

It was a refreshing taste of silky smooth chee cheong fun without the sticky aftertaste. They were so so yummy in a light not too salty yet flavoursome mushroom sauce.

I chose the mini shrimp variance. This plate only cost me RM3.00. Very Yummy!

Bunny Visits Cave Temple in Tambun, Perak

After breakfast and we didn't really had a place to go, Chow invited us to tag along with him to a cave temple on a hill in Tambun. Hunny was really skeptical when Chow said the temple wasn't really high up on the hill and that it was a short climb. Hunny saw that I really wanted to go and gave in and we followed Chow to Tambun.

We saw the temple from afar and we went "Oh My Goodness" as it was located quite high up. No pictures as we were in the car driving. We arrived there but found it desserted and we thought it was closed. Luckily the caretaker came out then and opened the gates for us to go in. Hunny grilled the caretaker on the temple's history and we found out that the temple was built by devoutees just after World War 2. Back in those days where materials and equipment was scarce, the temple was built bit by bit and looked after by the caretakers till today.

Magnificent, isn't it?

There were several little praying huts each housing a different deity along the way up. There were millions of ants on the ground and railings and luckily they were black ants and not fiery red ants.

I like this view, the sky was so clear and blue...

As we climbed up the 139 steps, I was already huffing and puffing due to lack of exercise, Chow gaily skipped his way up like a little lamb.

The view up at the peak was breath taking. The fragipanies were blooming at the tips of the trees.

 A nice bright red flower

As we climbed down, another view of the temple.

After the climb down, Chow told us that he was interested in looking for historical sites of where Malaysians lived in caves or on the cave ledge and built rafters to call it home. We walked a bit further down to a Tibetian retreat and saw an example there. Chow said it would  have been better without the huge banner there but as it was private land, there was nothing much we could do.

I was glad we made this trip there or else I would have nothing to photograph but food as Hunny was not so adventurous and he didn't know where we can go.

Bunny Eats at Nam Chau Restaurant, Ipoh

Bunny was feeling off-color but in great need of a holiday. Hunny as usual so kind hearted picked Bunny up at 5.15am and off we went to Ipoh for a short getaway. We had pre-arranged with Chow (a fellow photographer) to meet up at Nam Chau Restaurant around 7.30am.

We arrived there on time. Nam Chau is famous for their dry curry noodles and is one of Ipoh's old brand names (Lo Jiu Pai) for Curry Noodles. It's just a stone's throw away from the famous Thean Chun and Kong Heng restaurants in old town.

Their noodle varieties comes as the picture shown and they are at very reasonable prices. A similar serving like this can cost about RM4.50 upwards.

Hunny and Chow ordered Dry Curry Noodles. Chow ordered a normal one and Hunny ordered the extra with Roasted Pork.

Chow's modest portion

Hunny's Extra Roasted Pork Portion

Both guys commented that the noodles were delicious.

As it was still early morning, I didn't indulge in this luxury curry noodles and opted for "Tan Chi" instead which was medium boiled eggs served on toasted bread. I love the eggs as they were tasty kampung eggs.

Hunny and I ordered water chestnut drink. They were freshly made and was very refreshing.

On Mondays till Fridays for lunch, besides noodles, Nam Chau also serves Lunch Rice Sets. According to Chow, these sets are highly popular with the locals and it's difficult to find a place to sit and enjoy this set during weekdays.

 One thing I found disconcerting about this restaurant was its payment system. You will have to pay separately to different people for the noodles, drinks and toast. Perhaps it's time for them to invest in a systematic pay program which will enable them to know how much each food and beverage system has earned per day?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cream of Carrot Soup at Coffee Ritual

I love western styled soups. They are so hearty and warming. This was one of Coffee Ritual's daily specials - Cream of Carrot Soup. This is my first time drinking this soup and to my surprise, creamy carrot soup does taste very nice. I also love the wholemeal bun it came with so that I can dip it in the soup.

Yummy heartwarming soup :)

Want to taste some, please visit for more information

Bunny Eats at Din Tai Fung

This marks my 1st time eating at Din Tai Fung Restaurant located on LG of Gardens Shopping Center. Usually, there is a long queue of people wanting to go and eat there but when Hunny and I reached there, it was still relatively early and the crowd has not build up yet.

Din Tai Fung has an impressive history as it originates from Taiwan and have branches in China, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and the USA. They are most famous for their steamed pork dumplings with soup or "xiaoloongbao".

1. The table setting

2. The condiments. I found the vinegar too strong for our liking. Hunny said the vinegar is good quality.

3. Hunny's nose which is like a sniffer dog smelt the century eggs at the entrance of the restaurant and insisted that we order it. It was a good choice. At only RM3.80 or RM3.90, the century egg tasted scrumptious! The wedges were served with a slice of pickled ginger to cleanse the palate and counteract the coolness of the century egg wedges.

4. The whites (or should I say ambers) were jelly like and the centers were oh so creamy! These were so so delicious!!

The Xiao Loong Baos came next. We went for a combi of 6pcs original and 6 pcs pork and vegetables. I like the fact that they used cloth as the base instead of some other places using cabbage or paper of which both do not provide as good ventilation to cook as the cloth one. RM18.90 for 12 pieces

5. The Xiao Loong Baos taste was ok. The skin was just right and it didn't break and waste the precious soup inside when I picked it up while it was still hot. The filling is more natural tasting and not as salty as the other restaurants such as Dragon-i and Jade Crystal Kitchen.

6. The Vegetable and Pork ones tasted a little strange as I couldn't taste what vegetable they used as they were too finely minced up.

7. Our first choice of mango shrimps was not prepared yet and we settled for Prawns coated in Salted Egg. When it came, it looked really strange but tasted good. If only I had a bowl of rice to eat with the prawns. The prawns were big, fresh, crisp yet juicy. RM34 (the most expensive dish and cost us half the bill)

8. Here's a closeup...

All in all (plus drinks and 1 shrimp wanton la mien) cost us close to RM80 which I would say is very pricy and luxurious just for brunch.

I would go back there just for the century eggs...yumyum...!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bunny makes a BET Sandwich

This BET (Bacon, Egg and Tomato) sandwich is so yummy and wholesome. The ingredients are simple. You will need 2 slices of bread. In this case, I used Country Herbs Bread from Cold Storage's bakery.

Firstly, drizzle some olive oil from the jar of sundried tomatoes on to the bread. Next, line the 1st layer, that is the oven dried tomatoes.

Next, fry a slice of bacon and an egg. I bought my delicious bacon from Vam. Lay the bacon on top of the tomatoes.

Next lay the sunny fried egg on top and be very careful of the runny yolk. Do cook it a lil more if you can.

Then finish off by topping the 2nd layer of bread on it and press down gently. I broke my yolk but luckily my bread soaked most of it up. It was simply scrumptious - salty, tart, sweet...!

Stay tune for my other ways of using my oven dried tomatoes :)

Bunny Makes Express Dried Tomatoes...

I really really hearts hearts hearts sun dried tomatoes. They taste so exquisitely flavoursome and the chewy texture really brings the food it's been paired up with to a higher level of blissfulness. The tartness yet caramelized sweetness goes well with sandwiches, pasta, pizza, breads and many more stuff. However, the price for sundried tomatoes in Malaysia is really expensive ranging from minimum RM12.90 onwards for 100 grams!

Luckily I was reading a food blog and came across a recipe for homemade dried tomatoes using the oven. I would like to thank the flogger behind The Hungry Caterpillar for highlighting the recipe out from Flavours Magazine.

I was afraid to buy too many tomatoes just in case the recipe turned into a flop. I bought some plum tomatoes, cut them into half and deseeded them. Other recipes in google highly recommended Roma tomatoes as they are meaty and tastes the best. I will use Roma tomatoes the next time I do these oven dried tomato beauties.

Next, my condiments include Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Mixed Herbs and salt (not shown).

Mix in the olive oil, dried mixed herbs (they provide a more intense flavour than fresh herbs), black pepper and salt. No exact measurements as I used my instincts. The salt is added to help draw out moisture from the tomatoes faster.

Then line the tomatoes on a baking sheet and preheat the oven to 220 degrees fahrenheight or 100 degrees celcius. Put in the oven and start your timer. Smaller tomotoes require about 5 to 6 hours of slow roasting whereas the bigger tomatoes will require 7 to 8 hours in the oven.

After 1 hour in the oven, the tomatoes start to loose its juices and become wrinkley.

After 2 hours, they look like this...

Then disaster struck! My mum thought it was a waste of electricity to use the oven for so long and she decided to help save some time by putting the tray on the top most shelf whereby the heat is the hottest. My poor tomatoes were charred before they lost enought juices... :(

Always maintain the tray in the middle rack whereby the heat is more evenly distributed. My tomatoes were pre-maturedly roasted and I had no choice but to stop roasting them and I took them out...after only 4.5 hours...

Sigh..sigh..sigh...but what is done is already done. The rich smell of roasted tomatoes fill my kitchen. You have a choice of peeling off the skin or leaving them intact. They are easier to peel off when they are still warm. I left some on and peeled the blackened ones off.

Here are some of the ready ones. You can store them away in the freezer as it is or bottle them up in olive oil. I chose the latter as the former have a higher chance of going mouldy due to our humid weather here in Malaysia.

I filled up the's only a small jar. So my next tryout, I will use triple to quadruple of what I used this first time so that I can make more using the same amount of electricity.

This is after I filled it to the brim with olive oil.

My next attempt, I will add 1 to 2 whole cloves of unpeeled garlic for a more flavoursome oven dried tomatoes saked in olive oil. Stay tune for my yummy BET (Bacon Egg Tomato) sandwich made with herb bread.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bunny's Holiday Breakfast

It's been quite a while since I last cooked myself a wholesome breakfast. I bought these really delicious bacon from Vam via The bacon was nice and lean with more meat than fat. It was light and smoky and just had enough salt to it. Very worth it to buy from him. Outside the butchers sell bacon like Vams but more pricy and more fats. Yum Yum Yum!!!

I fried some bacon on my non stick pan and got them nice and crisp. Then I boiled my eggs and blanched some veges. I was now missing my carbohydrates and decided to do a grilled cheese toast. As I opened the fridge to get my cheese...ohhh...I have kimchi and decided to add that to my platter too.

Here's a closeup of my goodies... eggs turned out more cooked than I expected. It's a must for me to use free-range eggs if I boil them as I feel they taste better than normal eggs. Let's hope the yolk's not fully cooked yet...I hate fully cooked boiled yolks. I just don't like its powdery taste. Woohoo~~ still have runny whites inside...*cross* paws...

Aiya...a lil overcooked but still luckily not powdery. I only managed to eat 1 egg as I was too fully.

So what did you have for breakfast?