Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Cook Series - Noodles (Part 1)

Besides Rice and side dishes, I do indulge in noodles or pasta once in a while...

Bi Hun, Salted Vege Soup with Tomato, Lean pork meat and Greens

Dry Style Pan Mee with Cabbage and Boneless Roast Duck

Taiwanese Dumplings, Pan Mee, Fried Kampung Egg and Blanched Long Cabbage

The same for the next day but with lettuce...hehehe

My Fav...Fish paste balls, Udon, Cabbage in Ikan Bilis Broth

Home Cooked Wantan Mee, Choy Sum and Prepacked Shrimp Dumplings

Pure indulgence - Cheesey Pasta with Brocolli

Pure comfort food - Blanched Cabbage, Chicken, Mushroom cooked with sesame oil and Pasta

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