Friday, September 7, 2012

Afterlife Stuff For My Hunny

Time has passed on painfully. I miss him so much...the empty space on my bed and the silence in the room instead of his wondrous snoring music to soothe and calm me has gone.

As my Hunny left so suddenly and at so young, we didn't know which funeral rites to give him and went along with the simplest one. My Hunny was also a free thinker. One of the couples that we always hang out with were Pureland Buddhism believers which was slightly different from what we chose for my Hunny.

Buddhism = pure praying and chanting and moving on in afterlife to attain enlightment to move towards heaven and the Land of Purity and Goodness. This will make the spirit free with no more sufferings

Taoism = praying, burning of paper paraphelias of our world's material stuff to the afterlife and believing that after punishments of the sins in life has been paid back, the spirit will live in luxuries that has been burnt to them till it's time to be reincarnated into the 6 realms - gods, titans/demigods, humans, animals, ghosts, demons/hell beings

So I told them, since my Hunny passed away as a free-thinker, I'd let him choose which path he'd want to follow.

Here are some of the stuff that was burnt to him

1) Cigarettes - not his favourite Pall Mall though

2.) Passport, Air flight tickets, credit cards and cheque book

3.) Some socks but he doesn't wear tie

4,) Medcation and ointments

5.) Adides Shoes. Can't find slippers

6.) Table fan

7.) Box fan (not able to find aircond)

8.) Some jing-jangy clothes

9.) Mobile phones and PSP

10.) Shaving kit

11.) Shan teaching me to line each treasure chest with money

12.) Sharks fin, Birds Nest, Martell, Abalones, Cordyceps and Ginseng

13.) BMW (during his wake, he got an antique looking Mercedes)

14.) Oral Care set

15. Spare Laptop (Our friends got him a lot of gadgets during the wake too)

Hunny, I hope you can make do with all these first. Be good and don't linger longer in the human realm more than you should. I promise to be strong and move on calmly.

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