Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Hunny Left Me Forever On 20 Aug 2012 at 10.13am

In loving memory of my dearly departed Hunny....

Love you much much
Miss you deep deep

The story of how my husband left me forever on 20th August 2012....

1. Hubby was ok as we had breakfast in petaling street on 18th August and we bought flowers to deco my hse at 8.30am

2. Hubby dropped me off at home as he wanted to wash his car at 9am. Usually he'd be back by 12 noon

3. 11am something he called and said he wanted to beautify his car...will be an hour late

4. I took a nap at 12 something...woke up at 1 something...
i checked but he wasn't home

5. Called him twice but no pick up I thought probably he couldn't hear

6. 2pm...still not heart not at ease and I called 10 times. on 10th call...someone picked up and asked if I was mrs lew...  I said yes...the car shop accessory owner said my hubby fainted at his shop 15 mins ago...the ambulance is on the way

7. I quickly got ready...called my sis...she dropped me off at the shop and the ambulance paramedics were there already

8. they asked me basic questions like allergies, diseases..etc. That time my hubby eyes already fixated (means staring straight ahead and non responsive to light)

9. We already knew got internal brain bleeding but thought was a concussion bec when he fainted, he hit his head

10. I wanted to go KJMC bec is nearest but my mum called me and ask to send to UH instead

11. Reached UH, ER told me that if cannot stabilize his breathing n heartbeat...need to intubate
and they had to intubate after I got back from registering him

12. His blood pressure was very high at 233/133 n still unconscious but when i talked to him...he was moving his mouth...if no one talking to him...he is relaxed

13. after stabilizing him, sent for xray n ct scan, the neuro medical officer is called in

14. 1st scan shows 3 internal bleeds in brain on right side. MO says not optimistic...need further consultation from her lecturer

15. lecturer comes in n orders another ct scan...comes back n tells me to prepare for the worst
as the bleeds have caused him to have high blood pressure and they cannot operate

16. He'd give meds to try n bring the pressure down but will take 2 to 3 hours. he asked me to keep talking to my hubby

17. Heng (my boss) came and so did a group of my hubby's family were all in SG at that time...when he was brought in to ER, i called his sister n they said they'll arrange to be back the day after since it was already 4pm that time

18. after hearing the lecturer's results, i called his family again n told them to come back immediately

19. At 8pm, my husband was that friends went home since it was after visiting hours. my parents came n followed me to the ward Neuro ICU (NICU)

20. The lecturer once again explain to me that his condition is not good and prepare that anytime he can pass away as the bleed got worst constricting all blood circulation to the right side of the brain too...pushing the right brain mass in to the left brain side

21. My in laws arrived n my youngest sis in law stayed behind. I went home to rest with my other in laws

22. I couldn't sleep the 1st much going thru n so scared. I text my sis in law n asked her to check how my hubby was and she replied that he was critical as he had a 40 degrees fever. That time was 6am. I called my sis n she came to pick me up at 6.30am n she n i rushed back to the ward. By that time my hubby's fever was subsiding and that eldest sis sought out a 3rd opinion from another neuro surgeon and again the recovery chances were very slim bec the 3rd CT scan showed overnight 2 of the blood clots formed into 1 huge clot

23. it caused my hubby's other part of the brain no blood circulation and the brain shrank my hubby's bp was normal by then but no use if operate bec the brain shrink n shifted. It cannot be reversed if he survived, he would be comatose or if he wakes up, he won't be him anymore. His organs were shutting down one by one as the bleed got worst n pressured his brain stem. The MO on duty told me taht my hubby already brain dead. At that time my sis asked if i wanted to do organ donation...i was ok...n consulted my in laws (except his mum)...n they were also ok

24. As the docs were arranging organ donation, another doc in charge of respiratory came...
n i told him that my hubby was brain dead...n asked what is optimal level of breathing for organs to be in good shape. I also asked him to teach me how to read the machine. He said horizontal is the machine settings for my hubby which was 16 breathes a min. Vertical is total summary of his current condition then he said my hubby was not brain dead n that it was illegal to harvest the organs

25. I asked y...n he said the breathing was 20/min meaning my hubby was taking 4 breathes on his own and he still has brain activity. After hearing voice more hopeful n my hubby must have heard because 20 breaths became 25 breaths n then i talked longer n the doctor also confirmed more details ...n 25 became 32 breathes. That time esther n kam wah (colleagues) arrived n esther was very kind, she helped motivate my hubby alongside me n my youngest sis in law n massaged n wiped n fanned my hubby
 My hubby was steadily breathing for 4 hours at 16 breathes on his own plus machine another 16 making it 32. Then visiting hours hubby's bro took over while i went back to take a rest

26. that day i was supposed to over i'd go in at 6pm ...but at bro in law calls n said my hubby's breathing dipped to 20/min. By the time i rushed there, no matter how i call or talk to stayed at 20 n machine was set at 20. By 8pm..the docs wanted to run the 1st verification test
to check any brain activity or not... my hubby failed all 9 tests. There was no brain activity at all
this time was for real. The docs told me that if my hubby fail second test, then only will declare him dead and this would be done 8 to 10 hours later

27. I asked the docs...was it heat stroke that caused my hubby to faint n hit his head? All this while i tot was concussion But the professor n consultant said no physical knock injury from external side.
it was internal bleeding...started from an abnormal sized blood vessel in his head and it was something that during normal checkups cannot be traced
 Only if it starts bleeding...then only would know and it may occur from hbp also. It happens
that 1 in 80 ppl would have it n my hubby was the unfortunate one. However when he fell and hit his head, the vessel ruptured further causing the bleed to go faster...

28. After discussion with my in laws, we decided not to do organ donation bec my hubby damn afraid of pain n cuts. I went back to home bec no point waiting there for 2nd tests

29. next morning all of us went to say goodbye to my hubby. By that time he was breathing at 10/min
n heartbeat was 55/min. His brain no longer controlled the heart, it was beating on its own

30. i called our close frens in...they came to visit my hubby everyday since he was admitted in ER
they said their goodbyes n assured him that they'd take care of me

20 mins after they left...i was outside forcing myself to eat sis in law quick quick call me in...

my hubby was failing

from 55/min heartbeat to 20/ i said my byes n told him to calmly need worry abt us...his heartbeat became zero n left

no crying bec dunwan him to worry

then we chanting amithaba continuously n followed him to the mortuary n then followed all the customs to tell him to follow us to where he is to go lor

i was very calm from start till now

bec god is kind. he planned it that my hubby collapsed outside with his good car buddies

if he collapsed at home, i'd have panicked...n not as strong as now

god is kind as he made sure my hubby wasn't driving when it happened

so i m very thankful that i have so many caring family, friends, colleagues, his colleagues n bosses, the hospital staff, the funeral ppl, ambulance paramedics...all very nice

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